Most of us are looking forward for the retirement years to come, where finally the burden of working is lifted off and the plans of travelling across the world or just spending the remaining years at the countryside could be realized. But for some, growing old is not an excuse to get away from work, especially when that line of work is something that one enjoys the most; which is the case for the GT-R’s chief engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno.

Mizuno has been overlooking the development of the GT-R, and he is the one responsible in making the machine into a feared monster that it is today. But as time passes by, many are starting to get concerned of the GT-R’s future as Mizuno had turned 60 earlier this year and he is expected to follow the company’s standard procedure of retiring. Without the same mind working on the future GT-R, it might undertake a different path that could possibly change the car entirely.

But apparently that is not going to happen as the father of this incredible monster does not plan to retire anytime soon, especially when he plans to go for a trip to the US next year to get some valuable feedback from the owners, fans and dealers.

And although that sounds pretty important, the testing for the 2014 GT-R at the Nurburgring needs his supervision as although the car had already set a blistering lap time of 7:18, it is possible that there are still areas that could still be worked on. Maybe it could still be tinkered on to beat the much more expensive and track-focused Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package?




  1. Japanese life expectancy is among the highest in the world. The guy has a few more decades to go!


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