Renault Twizy is an Electric Drifter!


Instant torque, rear-wheel drive and a wet tarmac – the perfect ingredients to have a little side-ways fun, but does it really matter in what you do it in as long as you get it done? Nay we say, any sort of side-ways action would definitely plant a smile on our faces, but in a mid-engine tandem-seater ELECTRIC Renault Twizy? But of course!

The Twizy’s got it all, especially when the boys at RenaultSport were caught with their hands in the ‘suspension’ jar, prompting Steve Sutcliffe from Autocar to try and see if this 450kg (including its 100kg battery pack) is capable of continuously drifting round a skid-pad.

And so 3.5 hours later after a full charge that’ll get you just about 100km range, with 17bhp to the wheels, now watch it go side-ways!

Source: YouTube