As the clock struck noon at the Sepang International Circuit, the atmosphere was instantly charged with the roar of high octane machines zooming off their way to complete the enduring Sepang 1000km’s 181 laps. And unlike the machines that one will find in the MMER, the Sepang 1000km hosts racers that are closer to our reach; family sedans, hatchbacks and coupes make the lineup and race unlike any other.

A great example will be the recently-revealed Proton Preve R3 racer with the duo of James Nicholas Veerapan and Masedenial Ali bin Maskamal Khan piloting Proton’s new race machine. Proton seems to have done a good job as the car manages to keep a strong hold in the third position six hours into the race.

But with more experience in running at Sepang, R3’s Satria Neo clinches tightly onto the lead with Syafiq Ali and Morio Nitta behind the wheels. While it might look like the win is as good as theirs, endurance racing keeps a lot of surprises for both the drivers and the spectators, especially when the Toyota Altis under the MMER champion Type R Racing Team is closing in the Neo R3 rapidly.

There were plenty of Swifts running in the race, in which one of them is the Zerotohundred-sponsored Team 28, also supported by Radical Chassis Solutions. With some familiar faces behind the wheels like Desmond Khoo, Teo Jon Tatt and Chong Boon Kiat, they are doing a great job nursing the car for a good position.

We will bring more coverage of the 2012 Sepang 1000km endurance race after this, with an interview with Team 28 coming up next!



  1. Uhh… Masedenal Ali bin Maskamal Khan is one racer.. Not Masedenal Ali and Makamal Khan… Thanks for sharing anyways! Appriciate it!


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