Nissan’s time and effort in coming out with impressive innovations like the GT-R does not mean that they are giving less attention on their corporate social responsibilities. If some of you might recall, they had appointed the Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt to become their “Director of Excitement” and had lined up a special one-off gleaming gold GT-R to be auctioned with the proceeds going to the Usain Bolt Foundation. The auction had just concluded, and they had managed to raise a huge sum of USD 193,191 for this humble cause.

The Usain Bolt Foundation was founded by the man himself, with the aims of providing both educational and cultural opportunities for children and the youth over in Jamaica. Unlike the golden GT-R that Bolt had received from Nissan for his remarkable performance at the 2012 London Olympics, the one sold during the auction will be based on the much faster 2014 version that had blitzed the Nurburgring in just 7:18.

Other than the car itself, the auction also featured some signed memorabilia from the Director of Excitement himself. Among the auctioned items were racing helmets, fire-proof suits, driving boots and even the t-shirt that Bolt had worn during his recent visit to Nissan’s test track in Japan.

Those bidding for the signed memorabilia might probably be able to take home those items instantly, but the one that won the golden GT-R however would have to contain the excitement of driving the one-of-a-kind monster as the car will not be reaching the driveway until March 2013.


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  1. USD 200,00.00 @ RM 600,000.00 still cheap consider in Malaysia the price of the GTR itself can reach RM600,000.00. It suppose to be auction in Malaysia, Malaysian people are damn rich compare to others becoz the car price are insane. Thanx to the goverment…


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