Ford had gone to great lengths in proving that size does not really matter in the pursuit of speed, and some might be a bit skeptical on their quest as they were trying to squeeze out the full potential of their 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine. While some are a bit skeptical in having a minute engine to propel a car into speed, Ford had just gone against the odds as a street legal Ford race car powered by the three-cylinder engine had just earned itself the 11th fastest lap time set on the Nurburgring.

With an impressive lap time of 7 minutes and 22 seconds, the EcoBoost-powered race car went around the fearsome circuit used by numerous manufacturers around the world as a performance benchmark, beating the much powerful supercars with like the Aventador and even the 458 Italia. Of course, while the definition of “street legal” might differ in certain places, it is undeniably a lightning-quick lap time.

The EcoBoost’s output usually comes in either 98hp or 123hp, but the output for this record-setting attempt was rated at just over 200hp. With that number of horsepower, the Ford Formula race car is able to reach post a 0-100 time under four seconds and having a top speed of 255km/h. During the record run around the 20.82km circuit, the Ford Formula race car hit the course with an average speed of 169km/h.

“We wanted to prove that size doesn’t matter by showing everyone what an amazingly capable engine we have developed in the 1.0-litre EcoBoost,” said the Ford of Europe vice president of Marketing and Sales, Roelant de Waard.




  1. 1litre engine charged to produce 200hp. I wonder how long this engine can last.

    Plus the car weighs close to nothing. But its a good marketing nonetheless.


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