More for Less – 1,000km’s Possible from Toyota’s New Sodium-Based Battery!

One of the issues of an electric car that made it less appealing is the range that it bears under a single charge. While most of them are able to do more than 100km in one charge; which is more than enough for a daily commute to and from work for example, it still haunts the consumers if they needed to make an extra mile for the day and the battery might not be able to hold up. But if they could find a way around this issue, would you be interested in owning one?

Over at Toyota, they had developed a new type of battery that will take electric cars far from where it had reached before. Destined for their electric race car, this new battery developed by Toyota has the capabilities of taking a car to an amazing range of almost 1,000km in a single charge.

The new battery technology uses a sodium-based compound as the positive electrode in the sodium-ion battery, and this is reported to have generated a 30-percent increase in voltage compared to the current lithium-ion batteries.

“We may be able t extend EV mileage considerably”, said a Toyota official, which also added that this battery “may also be able to achieve a driving range of between 500km and 1,000km”. As a plus point, sodium is also one of the most abundant elements on Earth. This means that the cost of this new battery will be cheaper than the ones that we have seen so far.

While we have mentioned that this battery will first power Toyota’s electric race car, this amazing innovation, as quoted by Toyota, will be ready for commercial use in 2020.


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