Think the 9th Generation Honda Civic’s looks are a bit too civilized to you? Fret not as Honda is always ready to fulfill your desire for both the sporty and aggressive looks on your car. Also taking the spotlight during the 9th Generation Honda Civic launch was a clean and immaculate specimen of the new Civic, armed to the teeth with a fully-kitted Modulo bodykit on board.

Though the changes made were simple, it is more than enough to add up some grunt and a better appearance to this friendly city cruiser. The Modulo kit adds up some sportiness with the addition of an under spoiler for both the front and also the rear of the car. A trunk spoiler is also added, which is available in two options; a duck tail or wing. The side spoiler also comes with a simple finishing touch with the Modulo’s emblem situated right beside the front tires.

Other than the spoilers, the kit also adds up some exclusivity to the Civic with some subtle yet refined touches like the front grille which is available to be in either painted or in a shiny chrome finish. And to greet the driver into the car with a modern feel are the illuminated side steps that glows with a soothing blue light. Other additional equipments/parts added up also include door visors, a trunk tray or a cargo net for the bonnet and also child seats.

The full Modulo Bodykit Package (4-piece set; front & rear under spoilers and left & right side under spoilers) goes with a package price of RM4,670, inclusive of the paintworks and installation. For more information on the bodykit package and other personalization options available for the new Civic, pay a visit Honda’s Personalization web page.


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Front looks nice but the wing looks like Vios TRD wing.
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Mau gaya lagi, top-up money samore…
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Polymer Rubber

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the SOHC engine is a turn-off preference, at least for me.
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so much better than 9 generation civic!!
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Originally Posted by alwjmonster View Post
so much better than 9 generation civic!!

err.. this IS the 9th gen civic

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Front looks good, still don’t like the rear. Nothing different than the Accord. Replaced the civic emblem with an Accord emblem. I bet it can fool a lot of people on the streets from the rear
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Preve Front, Gen2 Rear
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I’m pretty sure they just took the boot from the accord and pasted it here hahaha


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