Drifting is more than just the art of controlling the car while going sideways, as it could also serve as a great form of entertainment. With that concept in mind, we have the guys at Speed City KL that organizes the weekly Saturday Night “Drift Assault” which does not only provide a safe and secure environment for the drifters to sharpen up their skills, but also for the spectators to get their dosage of sideways action.

But over at the Middle East, their definition of “entertainment” does not seem to be including the “safe and secure” factor as they simply turn a blind eye on such matter, caring only about getting the adrenaline rush. Previously, we have seen them doing their crazy “hagwalah” stunts in FWD cars, chasing away cops, and some even face beheading due to this reckless behavior. And now, here is a clip that will bring a whole new picture on this absurd phenomenon.

Other than using cars like the Civic or Accord, pickup trucks are also among the preferred rides for these death-defying drifters. While most of the clips that we have seen shown them going sideways with the crowd packing up the roadside, we now have a pickup truck making donuts in the middle of the crowd that was standing on the road itself.

It is hard to fathom how these guys consider this as a form of entertainment, where a slight mistake could definitely result in a horrible ending. But instead of keeping a distance from the spinning truck, they were gradually getting themselves closer to it; which even saw some missing the truck by a hair’s breadth. A great source in getting the adrenaline rush? Maybe. Being safe, smart, or anything similar to that? Not even close.




  1. Arabs are stupid. I simply dont understand their level of stupidity. I remember in our lrt there was a bunch of arabs who throw handphone on the floor and start to kick the phone among themselves and they look so happy doing that. I still dont understand why they think kicking handphone in lrt is entertaining. I hope they get herpes.

  2. u got to understand how bored they are in their home country with all the restrictions. i.e. there is no way in getting to know a girl by just walking up to her & asking for her number or name. they resort to standing by the street & waiting for gals to throw papers at them with numbers. all provided that u drive a big ass car … look it up on YouTube & you’ll understand these people more….


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