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Kustom Kulture in Malaysia Through Art of Speed 2012!

Some might consider a Lamborghini Murcielago as being a very rare machine over here, or even a Ferrari 599 GTO. Yes, while those are some rare specimens rolling in Malaysia, there are some that we had ever even thought existed. Those that are usually seen in the Land of Stars and Stripes with their gas-guzzling V8s, rumbling down the streets. And at last weekend, some of those machines got a chance to get a whiff of fresh air at the recent Art of Speed held at Solaris Dutamas.

And what makes this “Art of Speed” stand out from the others is through their “Kustom Kulture” theme that features a wide range of cars and motorcycles (especially motorcycles) being custom-built into something that almost resembles a work of art, besides of being the first-ever of such event to take place on our shores.

Fueled with creativity and their own identity, the venue was littered with one-of-a-kind machines and rare automobiles that had been kept in a pristine condition. And since our interest is more on the four-wheeled kind, here are some that had really took the spotlight on the event.

From the States, comes this immaculate low-rider, a 1967 four-door Chevy Impala…

…and a 1970 Impala Coupe.

And how can we mention muscle cars and not include the most iconic one ever, the Ford Mustang? Still in production until today, this first generation Mustang gives the reminder of how a simple design could remain evergreen and still appeal to the eyes of today.

Volkswagen had also made a turn-up with some of its retro machines like this 60’s Type 3…

…and their famous icons, the Type 2 “Camper” and the Beetle.

There were also some Japanese entries in the event, and they sure remind us of how old some of them had been around. Did any of you realize that the AE86 Levin has been with us for almost 30 years? Even so, it almost seemed impossible to get bored with it!

The same goes to this first-gen Celica. Not sure though for how many times had I mistook this as a Mustang, especially the one that had made a presence during our Round 1 Time To Attack.

And these two I am having troubles recognizing them. Could any of you guys point out on what model are these? One seemed to bear a Subaru logo, not sure about the other though.

Oh, and not forgetting this one. I have no clue whatsoever on what it is supposed to be. A way-back Ford perhaps?

But this one is truly the one-of-a-kind. You are not going to find this elsewhere in Malaysia, or even in the streets as I am not so sure whether it is street legal or not. But this custom-built machine does feature some interesting parts like O.Z Racing wheels…

…super-wide Mickey Thompson rear tires…

…and a Mercedes steering wheel? I wonder what the owner calls this one as.

This is truly a fresh breath in the auto scene brought in by the guys at Switchblade, and it is not a bad start either. Congratulations to them for a great first event! Hopefully they could organize another one next year with more of our four-wheeled friends, surely there must be more of them lurking somewhere deep in the private garages.


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Love those muscle cars
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Mr.Chaser (06-26-2012)
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i think the 2 after the subaru is a bluebird 910 and a volvo 122
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the oz rims just out!
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that black impalla 327 used to b my bro’s lol!!!

glad to see she looks happier n prettier

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It’s a Subaru Brat pickup truck, and a rare 2 door Datsun Bluebird 910 Hardtop Coupe with RB20 inside.
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The black Impala is the bomb! But the rims macam tak kena…
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Silver / grey colour car, KDC29, car No. 02 looks like a Volvo Amazon to me…
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That ‘hot rod’ really throws me off. Mercedes V8 surrounded by a chassis and a bespoke tub, really dissapointing. And of all wheels, OZ racing wheels.
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chevy impala RHD? oldskoll ride is the personal opinion -peace-