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JPM’s 2012 Super GT Biggest Super and Performance Car Gathering

Last week’s Super GT, to simply summarize it in a few words, was totally fantastic. The cars were great, the chicks were stunning, and the crowd was overwhelming. And of course, the first two were no doubt the main attraction of the event. But sometimes it is not the main show that attracts the crowd. Since last year, where JPM took over the baton to continue running the Japanese race series in Malaysia, they had a new side-event to pull in more crowd into the race, the Biggest Super and Performance Car Gathering.

And “Biggest” it was indeed as last year, they had managed to pull in 405 cars for the purpose! The Sepang straights looked like there was a traffic jam, except all of them were cars that one would drool for ranging from the Japanese Skylines all the way to the Italian Ferraris.

But that was last year. For 2012, JPM had again held the same gathering, except this time they were in for a shock as they ha broke their own previous record with 608 registered cars joining in! And the participation did not only saw participants from Malaysia, as some of our neighbors from up north also came all the way down to Sepang to liven up the event.

To those who could not make it last Sunday, worry not as we brought some souvenirs for you guys. Here are some of the cars that had made it possible to create another amazing automotive record entry in Malaysia’s record book. Enjoy!

Lamborghini had turned up as if they had brought down the whole ranch! All the way from the classic Countach…

…the V10 Gallardos…

…to the last of the Murcielago’s breed, the Super Veloce.

The latest Lamborghini Aventador had also came down for a visit, and they really look more like jet fighters rather than road-bound vehicles.

The Prancing Horses? There were also there as well like this sexy Italia…

…its predecessor, the F430…

…and the 670-horsepower 599 GTO.

To not let the Italian take the whole spotlight, some of the greatest German machines were also present in the gathering like this retro Porsche 964…

…and coming all the way from Thailand is this immaculate Audi R8 V10.

Lotus had really made some properly good sports cars, and their latest Evora really looks equally stunning as the Italian supercars.

And joining in the fun of this mega-gathering are some terrific creations from the Land of the Rising Sun ranging from Lancer Evolutions…

…Toyota Celicas…

…and a big bunch of Honda CR-Zs.

And not to forget Japan’s latest supercar-eater, the ever-mighty twin-turbo road-rocket GT-R had also turned up…

…accompanied by some of its siblings in the Nissan family like this JGTC MOTUL R34 replica…

…and from the S-chassis variant is this gorgeously-looking S13 Silvia.

Some great machines could also be found off the circuit, although it is not sure whether they did participated in the gathering or not. Seeking some refuge from the intense heat is this nicely-preserved piece of Japanese legend, the Honda NSX.

At our own’s booth, the baby blue R8 and the SL55 from Exotic Mods had really proved to be a good luck charm in attracting a lot of visitors.

It is almost safe to say that this is the most famous Porsche in Malaysia, and this one is definitely no garage queen as it has seen most of the roads in Malaysia, and a lot in Thailand too. Owned by the Blue Jacket’s founder, this GT3 RS had really served its purpose well.

So if they had managed to get a jump of 200+ more cars into the gathering for this year, how many do you think will turn up next year? 800? Or maybe 900?


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even Tsuchiya took pics of both the baby blue R8 and the SL55…
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dafuq is with dr.M ..
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Inspired by Tun.M > priceless.
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NSX…. wow..
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Originally Posted by ecal echal View Post
Inspired by Tun.M > priceless.

Is it Dr.M real signature there? or duplicate one???

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JGTC MOTUL R34 replica is a nice one.

Hope to see more JGTC replica cars on the road… hope JPJ don’t saman the car 🙂

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awesome!!! next events can make record for 1k cars gathers
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Wooowww…capt. NSX!
Capt. all alone in the gathering,no wonder laa….

He does call me & some other NSX fellas to join the gathering,but he know I more into bike & the NSX is rarely getting a daylight these day,& Fairuz Fauzy didnt come due to race commitment & some other guys that busy with their own schedule.

So maybe next time….:D

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Originally Posted by ecal echal View Post
Inspired by Tun.M > priceless.