The second death in two days at the Macau circuit, after Portuguese rider, Luis Carreira who succumbed to injuries in an accident on Thursday. Phillip Yau Wing-choi crashed his Chevrolet Cruze at Mandarin Bend at 1311hrs during his qualifying session in CTM Macau Touring Car Cup. Philip, from Hong Kong was an experienced Macau driver and had won two previous races at the event.

The Qualifying session was red-flagged immediately after the incident, while two rescue teams rushed to the scene, followed by an extrication car. It took the medical team about 6 minutes to cut through the wreckage to get to Philip which was within the limits of international road racing as claimed by the Macau Grand Prix Committee.

They also added, “I don’t think there is any question about the track, it has existed as it is for 60 years,” said Joao Manuel Costa Antunes, co-ordinator of the Macau Grand Prix committee, who added that none of the weekend’s remaining events would be cancelled.