As a recap of what we have posted here back in September, the Federation Internationale de I’Automobile (FIA) is going to launch a whole new racing series that would probably give us a glimpse of what motorsports is going to be like in the future. Set to fill the circuits with the sounds of whirring engines and screeching tires from 2014, the Formula E All-Electric Car Racing Championship has caught the interest of British racing icon McLaren in supplying the essential equipment for the race cars.

Specifically supplying vital parts like the engines, electronics and transmissions, McLaren is going to be working with Spark Racing Technology led by Frederic Vasseur, as a consortium in assembling and designing the racecars. Formula E Holdings has ordered a total of 42 cars from Spark Racing Technology for the inaugural race in 2014.

“I’m a passionate believer in the role that motorsport can play in showcasing and spearheading the development of future technologies, and regard the Formula E concept as an exciting innovation for global motorsport,” said Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren’s F1 team principal.

He also added that the cooperation between McLaren and Frederic Vasseur is nothing new, and working together in Formula E through the combination of expertise from both companies will give them the lead in technical innovation and creating opportunities for the future racing cars.

Being an FIA-sanctioned championship, the Formula E will make a tour to at least 10 cities around the world in 2014, featuring a one-hour race that will consist of 10 teams and 20 drivers.


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