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Exploring the Parking Lot at the 2012 TIMETOATTACK Round 3!

On events like TIMETOATTACK, the action and eye-candies does not necessarily have to be at the pits or the circuit itself. Actually if you are brave enough to fight or ignore the heat, you could actually find some great gems sitting idly at the parking lot. Don’t believe me? Then let us take a short stroll at the parking lot and see what was in store for those who did not mind the blazing sun.

This might not be in the parking lots, neither it was in the pits. But this championship white NSX is just a pure example of what the Land of the Rising Sun could come out with to wow the world. The NSX is hailed all over the world and is so great in terms of its handling that Gordon Murray, the chief engineer of the McLaren F1 used it as a reference in building one of the fastest car in the world.

The last surviving factory producing the infamous rotary engine might have its production halted, but the love for the rotary cars is not going anywhere. A great example of a car housing this small yet powerful engine is this duo RX-7. Whether it is given a light facelift or slammed with Veilside Fortune’s Tokyo Drift bodykit, this baby can still fetch a high price in the market even if it is already 20 years old.

A fan of Nissan’s S-chassis? Then this might be a treat for you. We have seen a lot of S13s and S15s being trashed around as drift missiles, and there are quite a number of them on the circuit as well. But to find an S14 is pretty hard these days; which fortunately we bumped into it. Two of them in fact. And these two are not actually the same kind as we found both the Kouki and the Zenki chilling in the parking lot. Maybe someone from Conemasters should invite them down for a little spin?

We might have already featured this particular R32 back in the JDM post, but you guys do not mind for it to have a spot in here, do you?

Since its launch back in June this year, we are starting to see quite a number of Toyota 86s strolling down the streets. While some might argue that the price is a bit steep for such a package, there are those who do not mind the price tag and instead appreciate the great handling the car offers. We do like it being in seductive red or even in a pearly white shade. However, there was one that showed up later in the noon that really fits its name.

Giving tribute to its spiritual father, this Toyota 86 came in proudly sporting the iconic livery of the famous Initial D AE86 driven by the teen tofu delivery guy, Takumi Fujiwara. While it might not have the black hood and some yellow fog lamps to complete the package, it still looks pretty good!

We might not be able to find any AE86s in the parking lots, but there were a couple of Toyota classics like this fifth-gen Celica…

…the more recent seventh-gen…

…and this white kitted Altezza.

We also managed to spot a couple of high-powered Germans like this Porsche 911 GT3 RS sporting a unique color scheme that we have never seen before, but apparently there was a much more powerful countryman hiding far in the corners of the lot that day.

Like the GT3 RS, Audi had also come up with their own hardcore version for their supercar. Stripping out the unnecessary stuffs and a given a higher output, there sits the R8 GT, quietly enjoying the rain with its Spyder sibling.

After going through a strict diet regime that reduced 100kg from its curb weight, the 560-horsepower R8 GT could do a zerotohundred in just 3.6 seconds. It is understood that there are only a handful of this 333-unit limited model in Malaysia and the ones you are looking at over here are brought in straight from their fatherland only for the Audi Driving Experience taking place at Sepang International Circuit.

Wished that you explored the parking lots last Sunday? Well, worry not as you still got someone here to do it for you. But maybe we ourselves might have missed a couple or two in the progress, so maybe next time you could do a little snapping and share with the auto-loving folks over here?

  • W
    Wei Jie
  • Dec 21, 2012
I missed the NSX and the Veilside FD3S :(
  • P
  • Dec 21, 2012
You forgot to mention the great Ayrton Senna was directly involved in developing and testing of the NSX
  • H
  • Dec 22, 2012
That NSX really looks good!! I wanna see it in real life~