Report: Bugatti 16 C Galibier Concept confirmed for production

According to a report by Autocar UK, Bugatti will start production of the 16 C Galibier Concept hyper sedan in 2013. The source behind the apparent confirmation was not revealed but because of the recession, Bugatti, being the smallest but most exclusive in the VW Group, had not taken priority at high-level discussions.

But because the 16 C Galibier received positive reaction at select motor shows and customer events, top level management at the VW Group had begun to take notice and confirmed its production.

It’s only a matter of time before the wheels of production start to roll, but the Bugatti 16 C Galibier will have a production run of only 300 units and will be priced to be around US$1.3million.

Current technical specifications suggest that the car will have a 8-liter 16-cylinder engine with 800hp directed to all four wheels via a 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Managing Director of Bugatti Engineering Wolfgang Schreiber has been quoted as having said he wants the 16 C Galibier to “be the world’s fastest, highest accelerating and powerful four-door.”

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  • Mar 26, 2010
If they make the head lights like that in the production car, i think i might cry tears of joy
  • G
  • Mar 26, 2010
Somehow it looks as scary as Darth Vader.