Rally driver crashes after spectator flashes butt

Imagine this, you’re storming down a challenging gravel track in a important race at the Rally New Zealand with precious points at stake. Corner after corner everything goes smooth and then suddenly, an ass !! Literally, among the throngs of fans at the corner of your eye, one sight sticks out like a sore thumb, like the sight of somebody’s glutious maximus. That’s what happened to rally driver Mark Tapper who crashed right after the awful sight.

“A very white bottom that was beside the road put me off for a fraction of a second, then I just ran wide and rolled,” Tapper told news reporters. The identity of the spectator is unknown, he or she is identifiable only by the shape and colour of his buttocks. If anyone recognises the sight, please contact the relevant authorities.

Source: Youtube

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  • Rizal

    You guys are kinda lazy lately. Very slow with your update.

  • KTMrocks

    The butt flashing is not the excuse……it’s the car. Evos are ricers’ junk……

  • speed

    thats a bummer.

  • jo

    KTM, what do you drive?

  • Juannabe

    is mark tapper gay?

    he now goes by the name mark ‘the booty’ tapper.

  • KTMrocks

    I drive an Evo……hahaha…..

  • focal

    hahaha…. out of focus………

  • td


    Mark ‘the booty’ Tapper! Nais! haha

  • speed

    he was the pirelli star champion in 2008 aprc in malaysia really good driver.

  • jun-aidi

    wooot!! Only in my home town you get this! I LUV NZ

  • Carl

    LOL, guys… keep your eyes on the road or track…aite

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