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German Tuner B&B Creates 362hp Monster Golf R

The Golf R already makes a pretty hefty 270hp at all four wheels, that is a lot for a car the size of the Golf but in the wild pursuit of horsepower, there is no such thing as enough. Enter German tuning specialist B&B, for these guys 270hp is considered puny and that’s why they are offering engine mods in different stages, three to be exact.

The first stage bumps the Golf R from 270hp to 310hp, the second to 324hp and the final stage bumps up horsepower to a hefty 362hp. The final stage features a larger turbocharger, a sports exhaust system with a upgraded downpipe and a race catalyst, a reprogrammed ECU, a revised air intake system and a new intercooler.

B&B claims that the 362HP Golf R sprints from standstill to 100km/h (62mph) in just 4.8 seconds and maxes out at 280km/h or 174 mph.

B&B also claims that the final stage lets the Golf R run the century sprint in just 4.8-seconds and maxes out at 280km/h (unlimited). And just to make sure you get to your destination in one piece, the German tuning firm offers a special 8-caliper high-performance braking system, an adjustable coilover suspension with new springs that lower the car’s ride height. The kit also comes with black alloy wheels in 19″ and 20″.

The ultimate Golf? Most likely, if you can handle all that power in such a small package, thank goodness for AWD then.

Source: CarScoop

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  • Feb 1, 2010
menacing looking Golf...woohoo~
I've never admired Volkswagen since they never actually produced legendary / remarkable engines..or at least something for the automobile enthusiasts to remember for a long time. It's like "heyy this 3.2 V6 N/A is not good so lets just use another 2.0 turbocharge engine from another brother and see how it goes" Simply, WTF. Don't be surprised if these Germans will utilize the 1.8 Polo GTi engine on their next fleet of the so called 'R'. Sharing is caring right?! Sheesssshh! They definitely need to emulate the Japanese mindset on producing something that will be spoken off for generations.

Nevertheless, this car here is totally awesome! i'm loving em black theme on the car (although one of the photo here resembles a Fiat Bravo). Perhaps the car needs to be slammed a little bit more and the camber to be tweaked. Then its all good!
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  • Feb 1, 2010
Wait... something is not right with the article. An 8 caliper high performance brake? I think it should be 8 pot brake right? 1 caliper per wheel, 8 caliper......??!!
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  • Feb 2, 2010
haha maybe they meant to put 8 single pot calipers on one disc brake.

kerepek: it's not uncommon for a group of companies like VAG (volkswagen, audi, etc) to use similar engines (but with different tunes), or other components like brakes to minimize production cost. there's nothing WTF about that.
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  • Feb 2, 2010
true that kerepek...nothing from VW is memorable, like the RB engines from Nissan...or the VTECs from Honda. VW engines are just too mundane i think
BB always does it right with their tuning projects