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BMW 135i Switches From Twin To Single-Turbo Powerplant

bmw 135i

In a continuous effort to improve the 1-Series, BMW announced at the Detroit motor show that it’s latest TwinPower twin-scroll turbo engine will find its way into the 1-Series range topper – the 135i.

Coded the N55, the new single-turbo straight-six engine replaces the current twin-turbo unit (N54) in the current 1-Series. The N55 single turbo powerplant made its debut in the 5-Series GT last year.

Contrary to believe, the single turbo unit won’t see any drop or even increase in power, in fact, like the old engine, the new one produces 302hp and 295lb-ft or torque.

There could be a reason to keep the 135i in the 300hp region, as we revealed in late ’09, BMW’s M division boss Kay Segler is keen to introduce an M version of the 1-Series and it could happpen as early as 2011. So keeping the 135i around the 300hp gives it a little more room to play around with, say 360hp for the M1? If that’s what they finally decide to call it.

The N55-powered 135i models will also be offered with BMW’s 7-speed DCT twin-clutch gearbox as an option.

Source: Pistonheads

  • D
  • Jan 15, 2010
wonder if there is gona be any turbo lag compared to the twin turbo setup.
  • G
  • Jan 16, 2010
Single-Turbo N55 engine has lower CO2 emission compares to Twin-Turbo N54 engine.