Autocar drives three Subaru Impreza WRC cars – including McRae’s special “no understeer” machine

Autocar drives three Subaru Impreza Rally cars at Prodrive’s Banbury headquarters. First up is a Group N Impreza rally car, which you can buy from Prodrive for £150,000. Next, Jamie Corstorphine drives a WRC car from 1997, which was developed and tested by none other than Colin McRae and built according to his specific “no understeer” requirements.

Finally, Jamie drives a Group A Impreza from 1996 that McRae drove to victory in the 1996 Rally Catalunya. Great video for Subaru fans.

Source: Autocar

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  • May 17, 2010
this is what subaru and evos are really for, but here we just misuse it :p
  • A
  • May 19, 2010
i love the Colin McRea Subaru WRC..
it just pump up my blood to get the car..