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1632kg, 800hp Monster GTR by Switzer Performance Innovation

There’s no such thing as enough but there is such a thing as ‘more and more please’. The Nissan GTR needs no introduction, if it does then you shouldn’t be reading this, we all know how fast it is and what its capable of, but to one owner, that wasn’t enough so instead of selling it and buying a Porker, Fezza or a Lambo, he takes it to Switzer Performance Innovation, better known as Switzer, with two requests, more power, less weight.

The ultimate goal was to have an ideal track-day car that could get to the track, do its thing and still head out for an evening in comfort. So what do the brains at Switzer do? Well for starters they installed a P800 power kit that includes new intercoolers, intakes and turbos. This ups the power figures to 800hp and almost 700 lb-ft of torque. They then go on to further improve the way the GTR breathes and that was done by slapping on a ceramic-coated titanium exhaust system.

Then they put the entire car on a diet. The unsprung mass of the brakes had to be reduced so they replaced the brake components with parts from AP Racing (carbon rotors and brake fluids), new pads, and stainless steel brake lines. Weight was further reduced with the addition of a carbon trunk lid and new Bride sports buckets. Switzer explains the choice of Bride seats, “We chose these seats because of their adjustability. You can be comfortable, still get to the back seat, and it’s not an extreme one-piece seat that’s not comfortable on the highway.”

Next was to ensure that the driver was able to handle all that power, so they threw in a “fully-adjustable JRZ suspension system” with adjustable sway bars to help manage corners better. And any air flow issues were resolved with the use of under-body diffuser and a Aeromotions rear wing.

The end result is a very angry road/track R35 GTR that weighs in at 1,632kg and puts out a insane 800horsepower. If that’s still enough, we suggest buying a Formula One car and a super license.

Switzer GTR (4)Switzer GTR (1)Switzer GTR (3)Switzer GTR (6)Switzer GTR (2)Switzer GTR (5)Switzer GTR (7)Switzer GTR

  • A
  • Apr 8, 2010
dats one angry GTR... >:)
Looks So beasty
and insane!
  • K
    Klon B
  • Apr 9, 2010
If that’s still enough,
you forgot the word "isn't/not".. XD
  • L
  • Apr 9, 2010
Actually it just looks like any GTR on the road save for the rear wings, heck even the wheels are stock :P
  • S
  • Apr 9, 2010
only now ? wow this car is old . ive watched it thousand times already in youtube . it can crack 60 in 2.9 second and hit 300km/h in about 19 seconds .
  • N
  • Apr 9, 2010
Funny they never mentioned ECU as you can't just slap on stuff like that and go. The car will not go.
  • B
  • Apr 9, 2010
Maybe they managed to hot wire in a Greedy E Damage Ultimate to the computer?hehe

But with a package like that i'm sure a good old 5 knob Apexi SAFC would do the job perfectly. keke

The Cobbs interceptor looks likes it's powered by Corn Flakes.
  • M
  • Apr 10, 2010
P800 cost around RM60k+ I think... and the aeromotions wing is more than RM10k.. rich boy toys..
  • L
  • Apr 10, 2010
RM60k is pretty cheap imo for those xtra HP....heck at the current rate @ about rm500k each its slightly over 10% of the car cost + 200HP+ improvement aint that bad.