Auto Motor und Sport is reporting that BMWs mini roadster dubbed the Z2 is still under development and may be part of our roads in no time. There even is a rendering by renowned artist Mark Stehrenberger to prove it. If the rumors are to be believed, the BMW Z2 should be closer to what the original Z3 was. That is, more of an entry level roadster to compete with the premium versions of the Mazda MX-5, compared to the more upscale Z4 that just debuted, which is more of a Porsche Boxster rival.

According to our sources, the BMW Z2 will be based on the 1-series platform. To simplify things, BMW is rumored to be using a soft top rather than a retractable metal lid. The car will feature turbocharged and naturally aspirated four-cylinder powerplants in the 1.8-2.0 liter range. Horsepower should start around 150 and climb to 300 assuming an M version follows – which is a big if.

There’s even a rumored hybrid variant with its gearbox positioned between the engine and an e-motor pack. Active steering, a dual clutch gearbox and active suspension could be part of the package. The BMW Z2 could make its debut as early as 2010, which would give it a healthy head start over the rival SLA from Mercedes-Benz.

Source: AutoBlog