Report: We Need People To Jump Ques & Tailgate To Ease Traffic Jams


If you live in any major city, traffic jams are an everyday part of life. Being stuck in one is frustrating, annoying, pissing off, kills the mood, and worse still are those fuckers who cut lines, tailgate, use the emergency lane when there’s no emergency at all, beat traffic lights, and everything there is to do just to piss others off. Well, I just came across a report that suggests we actually need these social traffic misfits.

A new traffic study by physicists at Sweden’s Umea University found that obeying traffic rules and getting into lines actually contribute to bottlenecks. Apparently, mixing in some maverick driving, cutting ques, creating lanes that never existed, and whatever, actually eases traffic backlog as such “inconsiderate” drivers actually help to keep the traffic flowing smoothly. But before you go out and indulge in such habits take a while to think.

Tailgating, a behaviour apparent in many impatient motorists, creates rolling platoons of cars without enough flowing distance to effectively brake if need be. In other words, while it could occasionally be beneficial to bend the law, following too closely creates potential pile-ups like the recent 250+ car pile up on the Autobahn. Using the emergency lane could deprive an emergency response vehicle from getting to a person in danger quicker, someone could loose their life thanks to such self-centredness.

So don’t go creating your own rules on the road because the law of the universe states that for ever action taken, there’s definately a reaction. Driving dangerously on the road will not only put you in danger but it could put the life of that 9-year old kid in the other car in danger as well. So think !!

  • Z
  • Aug 4, 2009
good info bro. tmrw ill drive like that to work so that everybody will be on time to work. haha.
  • I
  • Aug 5, 2009
Top Gear figured out how fast we'd need to drive if we wanted to clear bottle necks. The only problem is everyone would need to be driving Zondas and other equally fast cars. LOL

The tailgaters aren't the main annoyances, it's those that cut queue. They are the real annoyances. Because of one fella jumping queue, the gazillion cars queuing behind me have to brake, causing a jam from PJ Hilton to Jln Loke Yew. Bloody idiots.
  • B
  • Aug 5, 2009
every month got ppl buy new car. Per month sales of new car in Malaysia over 20,000 units. 1 year there are 200,000 of new cars on the road. If not traffic jam, what else?
  • H
  • Aug 6, 2009
Just ride a bike or bicycle to work...keep the car as the weekend leisure thing....I always & still do it hassle for traffic jam at all....:)

The metal that produced in factory to satisfy demand from customer to have a car has made the big pile up of metal on the road is more visible than the people that was creating the thing,more than population on earth is the car you see on the road rather than group of scary laa for this kind of thing

Someday there will be a lot of car & metal junk crowded the street until we cant move anywhere except to see the car doing static in the highway with other junk....
Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.