Proton Satria Neo – Now Powered by Campro CPS


Arguably, the best known model Proton has ever made thanks in part to the iconic Satria 1.8 GTI, the Proton Satria Neo CPS hopes to rekindle the spirit of performance that the GTI provided to many driving enthusiast.

Proton’s very own 1.6-liter Campro CPS engine is finally powering the Satria Neo, something many have been looking forward to. The engine utilizes two ingenious technologies, CPS (Cam Profile Shifting) and VIM (Variable Intake Manifold technology) to give higher power outputs and rapid response whilst maintaining fuel efficiency.

DSC_8869 DSC_8861 DSC_8867 DSC_8866 DSC_8864 DSC_8860



These two technologies give the best of both worlds by combining the characteristics of two different engines in one compact package. The usual reduction in torque caused by high-lift cams is offset by the long intake runner, whilst the short runner works by helping the engine generate more power at high speeds. All this translates to 120hp@6500rpm and 150Nm@4500rpm, making it the most powerful engines in its segment. The Satria Neo CPS also meets latest European emission regulations.


In a move to improve handling, the Satria Neo CPS now features a wider rear track (1483mm) and a narrower front track (1467mm) compared to the 1470mm front and rear track of the outgoing model. According to sources, this was done to improve handling by increasing understeer and reducing oversteer – something that the outgoing model often evoked.


On the inside, the Satria Neo CPS features the same old dash but upholstery is enhanced with a sporty red and black leather and door inserts. The interior finishing is further enhanced by a new leather wrapped steering wheel and gear knob.


The Satria Neo CPS also proudly features that now familiar Lotus tuned ride and handling package that makes for an exciting drive for the driving enthusiast. All round disc brakes with ABS and EBD ensure that everything remains under control at all times.


The CPS engine is only available for the H-line model which features the body kit you see above and the regular Lite and M-line models retain the regular but older Campro engine. The Satrio Neo CPS comes in two exclusive colours; solid white and tranquility black and retails RM57,313 for the solid white manual and RM57,763 for the tranquility black. The automatics are priced at RM60,313 for solid white and RM60,763 for tranquility black.


  1. Dumb a** proton. Always using the same old shyt styling like the old Satria GTI. It’s 2009, jezz… and look how Nissan and other manufacturers are coming up with futuristic design while we still lay back…

  2. I bet there are other engineering grads out there in this country, who are jobless or doin somethin not related to their jobs can do billion times better than this. So what’s d purpose of scholarships if you make them jobless? And what’s the purpose of sellin cars that improve slower than evolution?! Two choices proton, be good or be dead. Remember, your sins are unbearable to the whole mankind. Especially on not complying with crash test regulations.

  3. *All this translates to 120hp@6500rpm and 150Nm@4500rpm, making it the most powerful engines in its segment. *
    hi! editor… r u sure the most powerful in its class? i thought a 1.6 vtec can produce over 160ps 10 yrs ago…

  4. If anyone jobless and want to be Proton basher please go some where else. I think it looks so darn pretty i want to buy 1 right away. If I did not remember wrongly, most car with 1.6 engine (with or without Cam profiling) currently selling in Malaysian market does not touch 120hp. Correct me if im wrong. Peace.

  5. mayb we shld wait for R3 version of satria neo cps………
    ??? is there any posible that R3 will come out a new spec of satria neo R3 cps???

  6. Well KS, if you look at power definitely its the highest power in 1.6 segment. but in terms of safety, the airbags and the abs are not enough.. Thin walls, low crash ratings, ESP, seat’s rigidity, crumple zones, etc. That makes you neverendlessly thinkin of avoidin those kinda cars.. I’m not against made in malaysia things, but with that kinda reputation, i will avoid it. I’d rather buy a renault megane if i wanna buy a hot hatch. p/s: roadtax here sux~!!! medieval pagan roadtax~!!! begone!!! X(

  7. KS,

    The CBU Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6 125HP
    The CKD Honda City 1.5 2009 125HP
    The Honda Jazz 1.5 125HP
    The Fiat Bravo GT 1.4T 150HP
    The Peugeot 308Turbo 1.6 140HP

    But i must confess, good move for Proton to throw in CPS in Satria Neo as this sporty car has the weakest oldest engine prior to this compared to its siblings Gen2 and Waja.

  8. Overall I can say, no recaro, full of plastic and under power for 1.6. I don’t see anything new, same old look. Exterior is just the bodykit is wider and nicer. Interior, I still prefer GTI. Come on Proton, is this the best your are working on??? 60K for more plastic?

  9. The leather seats are torture for our weather. Cloth please! I’m driving two Neos. One with std seat the other leather. I hate the latter

  10. Thanks, but I’ll pass.

    I’m better off buying a secondhand Jap car anytime, with better performance, drivability, quality make and material and plenty of (swapable) performance parts.

  11. I think this is a good product after all. For the amount of money we pay, don’t expect branded (eg Recaro) or high quality plastic material. I mean, i don’t encourage proton to continue to be retarded by saying this. But brothers, look at the list of the cars that i listed up there, besides honda city and SSS, the rest are actually >100k. In fact, for those who insist on recaro seats in a SSS, you pay about 7k extra for the 2 seats which comes to >100k for a manual swift sport.

    Lets wait for a test drive in this car. I think 120 horses on the crank with manual tranny and 150Nm of torque in this small little satria is enough to transform into an acceptable mass produced NA car. Not to forget its sporty suspension set up. I think its a fun car to have, with a lot of modding potentials.

    Yeah, GTi is still the best proton, or rather Mitsubishi + Proton product. I will continue to believe in this until 2010 when Proton Jerung (Mitsubishi Lancer 4B11) is out. Sigh…

  12. by the way….proton…come on…plz make sumthing like the old gti….1.8 wit no campro shit tat still has 140hp…4g91 has 115hp too…onli dohc lol

  13. for me..
    no comment on its outlook…

    guys pls wake up… you can get a 2 doors hatchback special edition with just under 60k.. omg… pls compare the price + power = fair..

    and 1 more thing.. i can confirm that 1.6 neo manual can easily tapau those in the list ( normal swift and normal jazz )


  14. and also 1 more thing.. pls do more research bout the cars before spamming it here that “proton” is not good afterall..

    u guys compare and say those ” Honda or Toyota ” car is better.. but think before u post… u compare the price.. and pls seat the car before u post also.. the neo is not that bad..

    the safety is superb comes with 4 disc brakes.. and the disc brakes is good also.. you guys try before? no? ermmm….

    and the satria neo is more hard than what you think.. don believe? bring a city for me.. and i show u wad is hard metal.. 🙂

  15. Guys,

    Firstly, all of u bashers talk without common sense.

    D editor mentioned that its ‘one of the most’ powerful engines in its segment. This means that its one of the few best engines out there. It doesnt mean ITS the best engine.

    Further more, u guys are comparing engine power with big companies like Honda, Toyota, Peugeot ( with turbo, reli pathetic). Everyone has to start somewhere, do u think Honda was borned or gifted with the best engines when they first started?

    Its ppls mentality like urs, thats y WE malaysians never seem to improve ourselves. Everyone can Talk Cock Sing Song as much as they like, but when u step up to the plate, can u build ur own engine with technology that matches this satria neos 120hp?

    Do not compare apples with oranges. It doesnt make sense. Hence, dont compare Honda’s with Protons.

    U fools.

  16. My best proton car always is Proton wira dohc 1.8, Proton Putra and Proton Satria Gti. Other than that nothing impress me at all.

  17. Dont’ tell me those honda , toyota or mitsu are FAR ahead than proton and their engine are best in class….. MME 2008 has proven .. R3 neo with campro engine was champion in class B (that’s the same class as 1.8 integra yaww.. ) not class C. Cant wait R3 .neo cps in action this year.

    City ??? Jazz ?? do the test… and see if those car can make better cornering. Even Pesona has a better chasis than Jazz.

    Get a life basher….

  18. Unfortunate many prefer to simply bash this car because it is a Proton. I wonder whether the bashers have driven the Neo. Drive one first please!

    The old Neo Campro engine is very weak below 3k rpm unfrotunately BUT it is strong above 3k. Many are surprised how easy it is to cruise a Neo 1.6 at 160km/h. It feels stable. I like the handling. I used to drive a Satria GTI, though the Neo isn’t as good as the GTi handling wise, you’re hard pressed top figure out what you can get out there with similar attributes for the price of the Neo 1.6.

    Also NO the Satria GTI did not make 140hp.

    C’mon guys pls make fair comparisons

  19. to: A1DIABLO
    satria gti make 140hp , on wheel is 120 ,
    this 1 on wheel i think is 10x , go read paul tan blog

  20. To skyfish: Spoiler has to follow some shape to actually be useful, so no matter how you change it, it will still looks like “copycat”.

    My friend with the old satria had an accident on highway last month. Crash on steel divider at about 100km/h(that’s wad he says, lets just say he BS abit so make it 80km/h). Turns out that only his bumper and radiator spoiled. No damage to de main frame or the engine.

    If same happens to “best proton, GTi, Putra” i think the owner will start thinking of new car or engine transplant.

    What ever you guys says here, 1st batch of Neo R3( not the CPS) already bought by japanese dude for racing(according to Hypertune). Reason is, its more hardcore then swift sports!~

  21. i am a ‘malaysian’

    im a designer+principal on my own ‘malaysian’ design consultant

    i drive my pride and joy ‘malaysian’ neo r3 everyday.

    shame on you people who only know how to critics but not to contributes anything. (of our own malaysian brand and image)

    get a hands on the steering first..test it..and you will feel the diffrent.not just by reading reviews.

    yes we are lacking here and there.but we must together support what our country had offer us and stand still behind it.even it was a bloody and long path.good things will come if not now..later. otherwise you will keep complaining about everything for your whole life without doing something about it.


  22. Guys, today new car market where can we find a 2 doors sport hatch RM60k or sub (solid white-manual) any longer! Talking about any new Japanese marque 2 doors sport hatch, you will find them all costing well above RM100k++ or maybe more….so, be contented and eccept the hard proof fact that this is the best 2 doors sport hatch available around. This is our new era pocket power now!

  23. Neo drivability = blind spot too much, throttle response lag (maybe due to campor), after 3rd n 4th the speed climbs and thats the only thing i like about neo

  24. I think they should have drop in a 1.8 instead of 1.6 I rather have the R&D team focus more on the engine development and looks will be the second.

    The car itself was a good base but the improvements Proton gave it is not really up to the par. I wish they will come out with a 1.8

  25. Once again Proton is playing kampung child games by dumping in an already available cps engine found from other stable in his range and then claimed either, New and special edition over and over the old same tactics for the market.

    Nothing new but the same old Proton promotion strategies from a bunch of never want to progress, afraid of challenges oldies!

    Should have eliminate all the critics with put in a 1.8, and then once and for all giving all Malaysian the ultimate Satria Neo 1.8 GTi.

    Proton – Listen to your customers and don’t just claimed “Special Edition” by adding here and there plasticky parts for glory!

  26. See , when it comes to Proton cars , the response will always be like this. Quick , but mostly shi**y response. Why u guys still “living” in the old age ? I don’t see anything bad in the engine design.
    Smooth power delivery up to 7250RPM , no humming , no jerking..almost flat torque curve on dyno ( on wheel that is! ).
    The CamPro has alot of potential..ekekekeke..why so ?
    secret lah

    kudos Proton!

  27. Zerosports on February 14th, 2009 1:08 am
    Honda City power performance also better than Neo la…

    Re: Hello all brother… all outsider product fans, honestly said if all of u speak up bout performance.. y dont u guys which has any swift ka.. honda city ka.. jazz ka… which is claim 1.5 with vvt, vtec or what ever stadard stock (not rally spec n turbo) which is konon-konon more powerful than campro,
    friendly speaking try to overtake any Campro if u able to…. i’m sure that u’ll be ashamed of ur car.. hahaha

    “oh my God my car tak boleh kejar proton cap ayam tu laa… i have spent almost 100K tidak… tidak…”

    Congrate to Proton,
    good day..

  28. Lol. It’s really interesting to read comments. Suddenly the Neo CPS became a special edition.. lol.. Tambah perisa sini sana. Nasi kandar jadi RM10.

    When I first saw the second pic, I thought it was burning rubber. Then I noticed it was some mercun special effect.

    The Neo CPS looks good. I would definately get one if I have enough resources. =)

    Oh one more thing to the bashers, comparing honda city’s performance to the Neo? Hello, the City only comes with an auto tranny. Wanna tapao the Neo? Oh the S mode? Wake up la abang, it’s not DSG. I wonder how much horses would the auto tranny sap from the vtec? The SSS is a closer competitor in terms of performance, but pricing-wise, it’s too pricey.

  29. Genesis: I did not read Paul Tan’s article but I did dyno my GTI along with a dozen other GTI owners almost 9 years ago. 120 on wheel was optimistic, and this was before Proton introduced the Siemens ECU which further dropped power for improved emissions. GREAT handling car though. We never boasted about the engine though and we HAPPILY AGREED when GTI bashers, who never experienced the car, much like the bashers we see today, told us a civic with B16A/B/C/R bla bla will tapau our cars.. We loved our GTIs nonetheless because nothing in that price range could give the same driving satisfaction – GTI bashers just didn’t ‘get it’ and it is the same with the bashers today.

  30. Well..i pretty much agree some of you the comment but also some i disagree..Yes, you can not compare with the Jap cars out there,they have far more experience and history in the automotive manufacturing industry, so its not fair if you compare to them;imagine what the europeans and americans thinks about japanese car in the 60’s-80’s era???but now u see how the jap cars dominate the market. myself as a neo owner fell proud to drive my neo everyday. with 46k im getting a 1.6 it;s not bad..performance wise is not bad, exceptable,styling is ok also….But for this new CPS Neo i think it’s abit pricy…60k is slightly high..but anyway it’s still a nice car for esp young ‘need-for-speed’ drivers..emm the spoiler is abit big..but a CPS 125hp engine should be very tuneable…just dump in RM1000 extra easily can get around 20hp more..heheheh

  31. Hi all,

    It’s endless comparing things in this way.
    Firstly, For S.Neo,no doubt it is one of the cheapest in its category and best choice for people are under budget. Attactive low down payment, Champion in MME race bla bla bla…

    But just think back why we, malaysian must pay RM60K for this little car or >rm100K for jap’s/Europe’s. Dont you think it’s bad investment for living? In my opinion, the govt should not let this torturing us anymore, i mean just lower down the tax for both local/foreign cars, make things balance and be fair to people who living in boleh land. What i want to say is until now we are still losers. You have to vomit out all your bloods to get an “branded” cars. But people in widerland will never think it’s really ” branded”. At the same time, we always thought it’s worth to get a “Potong”. Big & cheap??

    No body is right or wrong anyway. We always see this happend when new things was out. Myself own a S.Neo as a second car for daily cruise, frankly speaking i dont feel anything when people talking about it’s weakness. I dont see my family brand new >RM400k Europe’s quality is satisfying..
    In fact I have no choice. this is what i can get at this budget, rm100k++ for big cars!

    We must say ” Hooray! when meet someone is smarter than us.
    Congratulation to Proton for little improvement.

    Just my 20cents! chill~

  32. got a fren size like a shrek really big juz drive a standard single cam wira hatchback also can go fast..if not in a blimp but still can kejar those ‘wonder car’ that those basher alwiz braggin about..not condemn outside car but in da same time dont belasah our very breed (proton) fair la, keta harga 100k pon if 60k car can go side by side then where’s da glory..dont juz n give komen membina ok..

    kudos to proton~

  33. Ok, guys to make this comparison between “OUR” country’s car and Japanese cars never end..

    Its very simple compare.. don compare it to Honda/Toyota 1st.. u see the market, how come the Myvi SE is lots more than Satria Neo?

    becos Malaysia people always wan ” PRACTICAL ”

    Myvi SE :
    – 4 doors
    – Drive by cable more response compare to Neo
    – More rooms inside the car
    – Not that sport as Neo
    – Not as low as Neo
    – Most important ” NOT AS STABLE AS NEO”

    Neo :
    -2 doors
    – Drive by wire technology hence very very lag at low rpm
    – No space inside the car
    – Sporty look
    – Very Stable

    So, its depends on who is choosing the car.. Student? Family Car? Drive alone?
    For me, is very good car for students in college because they don usually fetch people.. and for performance, i can say our Campro 1.6 is not that bad like u guys mention..

    I always say DRIVE THE CAR FIRST, then u will be suprise of the car..

    and i also notice alot of people say ” aiya proton very lembut 1 compare to those japanese cars” ———————– pls pls pls correct ur statement, our neo is very heavy and full with chassis.. don believe? Visit Proton Edar!

    End of topic.

  34. drove d neo campro auto,was let down by its low end torque..yeah,it was an auto..but quite impress with its handling…VERY…..
    m now considering 1,especially d CPS…finally,it has been launch..

  35. You guys can bash each other here all day long. Saying that whose car is the better one. I buy a Satria Neo, I pay 60k, I am happy. You want buy City, you pay 100k, and you are happy. It’s a win-win.

    You can brag your VTEC ass away but I have seen many both good and rubbish VTECs. It all depends on the owner/driver. Every car has potential and it is how you maximize the potential. A passionate owner would spend a lot of time perfecting the car, a good driver always improves himself. A person who can’t do both, would just put the shit at where their mouth is.

    But to those who can afford neither without paying your butt off, i prefer if you keep your opinions to yourself.

    I still remember when the GTI was first released, those who could not afford it would bullshit the whole day long. Those who bought it just craved for it.

  36. I has not bad looks. I mean come on you guys started out from a proton wira. It does remind me of the Ford Focus ST with the front fender flares. But i think those seats got to go . Leather seats just make you slide around in the car.

    And as always, It is the driver that makes the car. Not the other way around 🙂

  37. I still wish they would work on a 1.8l CamPro CPS….. then this car will be great…

    also, please cover the dashboard with leather… make it look better…

  38. its funny how all the bashers here keep talking about power and torque.
    with all the power in the world if your car handles like a honda city then sorry to say you’ll get left behind on the track.

    proton material not safe? then how do explain why ppl can still die in toyotas, nissans, bmw’s etc. If you drive recklessly in any car then you deserve whats coming at you.

    the campro was launched early 2003, its now early 2009. 6 years is way too short to have anything as advanced as an ivtec or a FSi. Give it time.

    meanwhile, the only way proton can improve is if they focus on better parts, quality and service which users have to pay more for the price.

  39. SoYouThinkYouCanDrive: It’s got some torque. just not the kind of torque you’re expecting from other more sportier engines. If 150nm isn’t a torque figure, what is? 300nm? 500nm?


    be realistic.
    The Satria isn’t trying to be a City or a Civic at all.

    So why are so many of you comparing it against the City or the Civic? Just because you have some spec stat in your head doesn’t mean you’ve got a valid comparison.

    Can you not relax for 5 minutes and do some thinking before posting such an inferior comment? Some comments here are a complete joke.

    A typical joke from a guy that everyone hates at the dinner table. Know how irritating that is?

    The Satria Neo will sell as an affordable mass-market 1.6l with acceptable good looks. especially this new CPS. it’s a pretty decent change from the last one.

  40. Let us all face the hard core fact of our dracula national pride sucker, following is the truth and proposal,
    – so called a national car project but showing slight improvement here and there, charging a different of RM6K!
    – so called a national people car, but the price is keeping on sky rocketing high!
    – if another version of so called Neo GTi, another bound and leap of squeezing off our hard earned $$!
    – after 20 donkey years in the car industry, yet showing no improvement at all!
    – the company should be handed over to Tony Fernandez, let him turn around the structure of the Co. and let all people can drive!
    – Or should hand over to Tan Sri Francis Yeoh for new direction!
    – please for goodness sake, wake up and have merger for betterment!
    – change the bloody name, Potong to a global name!

    Cheers All!

  41. wow babbling this and that but still neo won the 1500max category and Class A and B in MME…forgot oredy? where all the hondas gone??wow!! vtec kick in in 3k rpm prang proong then kaboom!!!blow engine…DNF…nice

  42. I dont think its fair condemning any car in fact. But some people here are twisting the facts…..
    1)” City ??? Jazz ?? do the test… and see if those car can make better cornering. Even Pesona has a better chasis than Jazz”
    Now…where did u get these facts from? Or U tested them yourself? Are you a motoring journalist?

    2) The 2008 MME was won by a 1.8 R3 Satria Neo….When did proton come up with a 1.8 production Satria Neo? Anybody seen a factory production road car Neo 1.8? Proton entered the 1.8 Neo because its 1.6 campros just could match the speed of the Hondas or Toyotas. Come on…a factory team resorting to this kind of actions just to win…..The 1.8 Neo though won in its class…but did it comply to the rules of being a production car series…..though I would doubt the real spec sheet of the said 1.8 CAMPRO engine used in the race…..
    Im not condemning proton…I think the guys are doing a great job in improving the cars and the engines…but the fact is we are still left behind ….and why? because we are still new comparing to manufacturers like honda and toyota…..Like someone said….U dont compare the apple with an orange….i

  43. heh..heh.. 1.8 Satria Neo R3 in MME?? Add salt and pepper, a bit more garnishing.. next thing you know someone will claim that they actually ran a 4L twin turbo Neo in MME.

    Where do these facts come from? Pie in the sky..

    Proton bashers always claiming being ‘squeezed off their hard earned money.. etc’ as if they were ‘victims’ and Proton are the mafia. Don’t like.. don’t buy I say.. ‘market forces’ are real.

    Very easy to bash Proton from behind a computer screen comfortably seated.. ignore the significant impact Proton has on our economy. A large number of people and their families depend on Proton for income, from assembly line workers in proton factory to the countless vendors and their workers. Many of these vendors owe a debt of gratitude to Proton for getting them started and now they supply to other manufacturers both locally and abroad.

    Don’t be so quick to bash Proton. You have no clue the billions of dollars that they contribute to the local economy yearly. Do Malaysians not realize that Proton is the only auto manufacturer that designs their own car and have real R&D ability. The others are merely assemblers.

    It’s embarrasing when foreign engineers and designers understand the signficance of Proton yet we Malaysians do not, worse still complain. There are very good brains working at Proton. Even the ‘Father’ of he Mazda Miata is working for Proton

    Proton is far from perfect. we all know that. They have product issues. Management issues, After sales issues. Vendor quality issues, though quality in Proton’s own factory have in recent years, improved markedly, so have their products, very significantly.

    Can you imagine our auto industry today without Proton? We would have nothing at all to be proud of.

  44. 1.8 L campro?…what happend in the 1500 max then??so its a 1.5l campro?…dear TOMEI-R read the MME regulation before u just hantam….1st rule…engine use for racing in MME must be the same production engine.for OEM …so proton never produce 1.8 campro right? even if ur piston oversized from the ori spec also can disqualified u from the MME race…IF proton really use these 1.8L campro engine….i wonder how did it tapawed the 2 litre k20a fd-2 type R???any comment about tat??MME rules and race are strict and tougheven super taikyu drivers admit it..

  45. i am speaking base on my $$..i can afford neo so love neo, nx time the $$$$ bigger more in pocket then i can purpose 4 a vtec….i think the manufacture goes the same song….big $ will gave them more option to upgrade….if only neo have much $ or more than what vtec have, sure the jap ppl said vtec a bit behind…

  46. those people who always compared those honda toyota w/ our national car know nothing about history. it is like trying to compare between an old man aging around 60s w/ 50++ years of life experiences with a young teenager around 20s w/ slightly 24 yrs of life experiences. u know the result right away who is better in term of knowledge. give them some time.

    perhaps people who always condemn our national car come from a rich family. so that, money constraint is not an issue for those rich people or anak yang mak bapak kaya. u guys can afford buying more than rm100k car. no prob to get a honda integra or nissan skyline gt-r. but for us it is really an issue and we are not as lucky as u are.

    u thought that developing an engine is easy? go make yourself one. if you can’t go eat shit. and people keep complaining the design looks bad, no quality, no power etc. but then when proton or perodua improve those things, logically the cost should be higher considering it involves researches, materials specs etc. (u think having a wind tunnel dyno is cheap?) so the price of the car increases. then we heard people saying”mahal la..gila mahal”. wow. u want better performance but don’t want to invest more? hmmm… totally bs.

    my advise is try go to your nearest showroom and take a look at the car closely. have a nice test drive and see for yourself. i had one this morning and it was impressive.

    good job to proton.

  47. Tom on February 14th, 2009 5:27 pm
    SoYouThinkYouCanDrive: It’s got some torque. just not the kind of torque you’re expecting from other more sportier engines. If 150nm isn’t a torque figure, what is? 300nm? 500nm?


    i quite agree with u that 150nm is enough but to fully utilise that torque u need to rev between the torque power band which is around 3000-4500rpm that suck a lot of fuel like my STUPID CAMtakPRO…

  48. all protons in mme are 1.8L class B…but it’s not production car…y it still can participate? & still qualified…cause it’s PROTON lor…

    Y honda & toyota expensive compare to Proton cos….TAX TAX to help proton sales…STUPID MAL GOV

  49. MME Class A,B and C are production cars ONLY. The Neo MME was a 1.6. Please state facts and your source that proves otherwise. Else its just hearsay

  50. as always… empty vessels sounds the loudest…
    for sure some nincompoop will say i got it wrong…but long the point is reached, its fyne enuff wif me. people will compare of things..normal la. some buggers even compare manhood stuff n things like dat. yeap, we are all very weird bunch of things. But theres always a fyne line between a comment AND rubbish BS.. Cant u guys actually think properly (with brain,pls) before u post ?

    pity for Tom n the rest of the ZTH crew who have made their best effort to mantain such a wonderful automobile forum/webbie. thumbs up to you guys. appreciate it. but sadly, despite their efforts, its full of morons @ kiddies who happen to have tooooooo much time to think of something to crap about all day long wif nonsense BS.. come la. since when the s4ph engines have 1.8 block/stroker kit ? if somebody knows or own it, do pm me on the whereabouts. im very very interested. 🙂 .

    Bashers, please la… u guys just make me laugh all day long wif craps… owh, too much plastics u say ? even the SLR have plastic pieces in their dashboard…so do every other manufacturers of cars the world over. Dont tell me it profitable for the manufacturers to wrap leather all around on a 50k-60k-ish cars now.. :p

    as for me,
    after testing the Neo CPS on the tricky slalom course (i admit im a newbie on autocrosses), i have a high admiration on its new handling setup n the well improved lower torques. Owh, i tired the manual one coz to me sporty cars MUST be a shifter box. :D. dun like the rims tho… :p

    enuff sed,
    please shoot if u really do not have anything better to do on this wonderful Sunday. Peace for genuine motorheads, thumb downs to u-know-who-u-are.

  51. Voxism on February 14th, 2009 3:15 am and also 1 more thing.. pls do more research bout the cars before spamming it here that “proton” is not good afterall..

    u guys compare and say those ” Honda or Toyota ” car is better.. but think before u post… u compare the price.. and pls seat the car before u post also.. the neo is not that bad..

    the safety is superb comes with 4 disc brakes.. and the disc brakes is good also.. you guys try before? no? ermmm….

    and the satria neo is more hard than what you think.. don believe? bring a city for me.. and i show u wad is hard metal..

    A…dun compare the metal has has GOA chasis…
    A…price…rmember how many percent gov tax for non-local car?

    nafiiio on February 14th, 2009 10:05 am Dont’ tell me those honda , toyota or mitsu are FAR ahead than proton and their engine are best in class….. MME 2008 has proven .. R3 neo with campro engine was champion in class B (that’s the same class as 1.8 integra yaww.. ) not class C. Cant wait R3 .neo cps in action this year.

    City ??? Jazz ?? do the test… and see if those car can make better cornering. Even Pesona has a better chasis than Jazz.

    Get a life basher….

    A..oh come on..a persona chasis is better than jazz..yawn…y do u think J’s Racing tune up Jazz for??? roll upside down?? do u even know its chasis layout?..zzzz

    its not tat ppl bash proton 4 nothing…i’ve tried gen2,persona n neo…gen2 auto…omg omg omg…the low end torque is just ‘MARVELOUS” my fren neo manual…same stuff…
    i just hope proton can improve more on their home-grown engine…giv it more haste…its so hard 2 make it go….it onli gets to ‘life’ at 3500rpm n above…tat equals to fuel guzzer…just hope they come up wit sumthing worth paying for cars
    if proton is tat good…y is there so many viva n myvi around provided tat the saga blm is so cheap n better space…??

  52. ” SoYouThinkYouCanDrive on February 14th, 2009 4:22 pm
    150Nm@4500rpm MEANS THIS CAR GOT NO TORQUE ”

    Nm is idiot..

  53. Although I don’t really have any expectation on the chasis.
    By the way, in this price no point of putting our expectation too high right?
    Well from what I know is, Proton will rebuild their chasis before they particapate any racing event. Thus, maybe that’s one of the reason they be able to “kill” some DC5 and/or FD2 which utilizing original chasis with some reinforcement.

    But, I like the engine Proton have now. It have the shadow of B16A/B, 4G91 and SR16VVL (if have 4 throttle version) from my point of view. Be frank to say that i’m quite impress for Proton come out with this engine with its own brand.

    Although i’m not a Proton fans, but still, I’m impressed and looking forward to have a test drive.

  54. Why blaming all the bashers with comparing statement as Proton themselves if you are looking at their site, Proton are using Toyota & Honda for their cps comparison with vti and vtec. Can’t blame all the bashers though, can you?

    Proton is already 20years into car manufacturing and the industry itself, how far are they now with back then? Virtually NO PROGRESS AT ALL!!!!

    All I can say is, as long as with the Govt backing at the back, Proton won’t able to come out from its slumberland…zzzz…..zzzz…..think about the money you can get with RM60k, to buy a new Neo CPS or Honda EK 2nd hand aged about 10years behind! Which car will make your head turns? EK lah, where got people looking at our 20 years kampung technology!

    Cheers Bro…

  55. Was wondering why people keep comparing Proton of recent and Proton of old.
    If most of you guys remembered, the first Proton to ever rolled out of the Factory was built like a tin-milo (much like the bodywork of the now so ‘good’ Viva).

    No improvement throughout the years? My goodness, it seems like everyone seems to keep pushing the fast-forward button ever still. Imagine, a company aging 20 years old managing to design, manufacture and produce their own engine complete with variable valve technology within 20 years, and only after not more than 10 years of introducing their very first engine.

    Compare that fact to the history that Honda, Toyota etc needed twice that much time since their establishment to build their very own variable valve engine. It seems like Proton is actually catching up, and its gaining ground really fast.

    Owh, to clear the air up, the Neo MME competed in classes of the 1.8 because it was quoted to displace just a bit more than 1600cc ( I think around 1654cc or something). So it did not qualify to play within the 1.6 category, and miraculously won the MME in its class amongst the 1.8. I wonder where did all the VTec n VVT went to, well since losing to a car pushing just a bit more than 1600cc.

    I pity those who cant see how things have progressed over time.

  56. Wow so many post. I never seen so much post before in a main article. I would refrain from posting about the car here.This is a great article. Save for the corny launching event. Congratulations ZTH. hehehe

  57. Owh yeah, additionally, some may complain that Proton is actually going back to basics and old time design by ‘copying’ the GTi outlook.

    To me, its a current auto styling trend, done by many.
    Look at the GTR. Still keeping the same rear round lamp, and several design cues from the previous GTR.
    Look at Porsche. Its been a while since I’ve last seen them changing the headlamps.

    So whats wrong with Proton following that trend? Its only paying homage to the now discontinued line of Satria GTi.

  58. well sed dread… i think the kampung company have been thru a lot ever since their beginnbing to. so those kampung @ local guys says their own brand name a kampung…well.. tak sedar diri namanye. kampung punye kampong…

  59. lets just compare a waja yr 2001 and ae90 yr 1990…..

    waja yr 2001 – power windows & door handle being fixed for so many times
    – chassis started to fatigue … sounds ngik ngik ngik when hard
    – all annoying sounds started to soar like saga/iswara
    – not to mention tonnes of engine problems
    – just to mention a few…
    AE90 yr 1990 – still using the ori power windows w/o any repair
    – still a solid chassis w/o any fatigue or losen parts noise
    – hmmm can’t think any…

  60. lol, guys no point comparing the proton with the honda/toyota cars..

    ya well said.. the toyota/honda cars kena tax by goverment..

    but do u guys ever think that :

    y people buy honda/toyota? becos of the price is expensive than proton..

    if the price of toyota honda go low like proton .. i guess most of the people will think that honda/toyota is cheap and they wont get it..

    i mean most of it.. not all..

  61. and hell ya.. me myself driving an auto 1.6 neo..

    the response was very dissapointed..

    thats y the cps engine come out with improvement on it..

    and people who “TESTED” it before already give comment that the low rpm response is no more there..

    SO, don talk bout the old neo.. lets talk about this CPS NEO.. no point talking bout the old neo.. thanks guys.. give more practical comment and not just complaning the proton here and there becos u guys drive those WIRA , ISWARA before.. the new proton is improved alot.. thanks

  62. Alas…nothing great by just dumping in a 1.6 cps engine w/o any remapping or reworked of the engine with demanding such a high price. Not worth a single cents! Those fancy body-kits with high goal post at the back, changed another design of the rims and internal kerbau leather are not welcome for our weather! Claiming to be local car, don’t they know their own damn hot-hotest weather meh!

    Unless, giving us a new revised more functionality dash-board especially in the centre and refresh front and back out-look of the facade, then I can say you have at least done something worth more than 5cents!


  63. Hahaha…I support Neo CPS, as i mentioned much earlier.

    I listed City, Swift Sport, Peugeot, Fiat etc and gave the rough factory pronounced figures there in response to KS’s statement that “If I did not remember wrongly, most car with 1.6 engine (with or without Cam profiling) currently selling in Malaysian market does not touch 120hp. Correct me if im wrong. ” Of course its unfair to compare a Forced Induction one to a NA ahaha but i was just responding to his generalized statement.

    Now again i see a funny statement made by this guy in his logical thinking “y people buy honda/toyota? becos of the price is expensive than proton..

    if the price of toyota honda go low like proton .. i guess most of the people will think that honda/toyota is cheap and they wont get it..” ahaha. Woi brother, don’t embarass us Malaysian with this kind of statement okay?


  64. Its good to see that majority of the ppl here are bashing the ‘bashers’. 20 yrs for Proton to be where they are now is very good ppl.

    Exterior might be debatable, but i like it. Ur personal taste isnt wat Everyone think.

    enuf TCSS. fools.

  65. stupidity Potong on February 15th, 2009 6:08 pm
    Alas…nothing great by just dumping in a 1.6 cps engine w/o any remapping or reworked of the engine with demanding such a high price

    i like this one..shooting blanks!
    the CamPro CPS inside the Neo has well over 1000 maps.
    LOL.. ownd

  66. I just want to say that

    we would want to THANK to Proton that making us to pay extra taxes for buying foreign car…

    Lets say if Proton didn’t appeared in our company, maybe we can buy a toyota vios in price 50+K. Just based on my assumption.

    If proton can wake up in 5 to 10 years ago, i believe malaysian would stand up and shout “Malaysia boleh.”

    but i don’t think is possible, cry for feeding a spoon fed company…

  67. sorry not very clear for my statement..

    wad i mean was, if the neo cps changed to HONDA and not PROTON..
    the respond is totally different..

    wad i mean was people always see the name 1st.. Proton ar aiya no good la.. Honda ar.. good ar honda.. very powerful…

    hehe anyway, i think is the time to stop posting..


  68. I searched thoroughly over Satria Neo via Google and this is what I read:

    “How can you tell anyone you are driving this without getting a slap on you face? That’s not even when they know how bad it was.”

    And that was the before-version of 2008 Neo. Wondering what made these Westerners said that, but to the fact… These are the people who should be comparing our cars instead of we Malaysian ourselves.

    Proton supporters will use the MME Championship, well, what I can say, very impressive no matter what kind of clean nor dirty method our National car makers made to it. But after MME, anything else? Hello?? Mind ringing the bells for me?

    All the negative comments here, though may come from the Vtec/Vti supporters, can’t we ourselves see why they are commenting? Are we going to flame someone just because of what they not like about our likings? Instead of using MME, get some real proven facts to proof to them what this new product capable of? Without proof, you guys aren’t considered “empty vessels”, but the “rod” that will louden the “vessels” which won’t prove anything significant.

    I strongly agree that Campro are still far behind from Vtecs, Vtis, V8, V10 and so on but I know that Proton are trying to improve, at least. Technology change, thing improve, though may not as expected, given time, they may get through it. But still, I really disagree of Voxism that people buy Hondas and Toyotas because of their expensive prices… And I agree about the government tax thingy issue that make national car business alive til now.

    For national car supporters, Japanese and European cars have their own reputation from the very beginning. For the guy who said that Honda take much longer time to develop their own engine please hop out your the coconut shell… If the technology itself isn’t growing, even now, Malaysia won’t be able to produce Campro, but Honda will still have their Vtecs dominating. And for you guys infomation, most Proton cars are inspired by other models, but without learning or copying, will Malaysia be able to produce Campros? Please think deeply before bashing the bashers. Malaysia, if they are so capable in producing their own engines, we won’t be hiring German engineers to aid… And we won’t send our techical engineers to Japan to learn about their technology. Technology is about copy and paste in computer programming, so please, don’t say someone is wrong though their comments aren’t favourable to you.

    For the government tax, if I had not mistaken, should be at 200% of the selling price right? That means a Civic / Accord or any other saloon cars should have their prices close to the Neo, why people will still choose them in spite of the expensive prices? Please be aware, that these companies have their own strong reputation, and the vehicle themselves never dissappoint. But still, I see this Neo as a good car no matter what… Perhaps will test drive it someday.

    And eh.. To Japanese cars bashers, what if.. There is no tax for foreign cars, would u still buy yourown country-made cars? Please think deep before adding oil into fire. I see you guys as funny as those Proton bashers, but still… No hard feelings yea.

  69. In its own right Proton had a troubled past and misguided way of doing things. Even though they have the market literally to themselves, over-charging on spare parts, and sending high quality cars overseas, they can still make a loss.

    No other car company with a dominant market share, rips off its own people can still make a loss. Its shows that its management is slow to adapt and dumb witted. Its incredible that the Malaysian people just complain and haven’t set fire to the managers.

    But you cannot deny, i absolutely love the Neo, power aside, stupid engine aside, questionable build quality aside. You have to say, they have put together a corking good chassis, and its the cheapest two seater B-road slayer in the market. (I see it as a two seater since the rear seats are so uncomfortable and useless I might as well leave it at home).

    Sure it will get smoked by other 2-seat coupes and sports car, but I don’t care, it has a superb steering, it has a fantastic chassis, it looks is undeniably eye-catching, I jump for joy when my friend hands me the keys to his and leave my continentals for a chance to really grab it by the scruff of its neck and go down a really good mountain road.

    Its sad that the price is so high, and it weighs 1.2 tonnes for something that is so small, and you can’t customize the option of having ABS+EBD without the leather interior, airbags and body kit.

    I couldn’t be bothered about engine performance figures, that is relative. What matters most is the spine of the car, the chassis. And if its good, it will forever be good. And it is. Thats why I love it. Even though the people who build it are idiots.

  70. to bashers. dun simply talk rubbish about this car. better try the car first , how it handles etc than sit in front of computer n talk din din dong. Just don’t be the irritating guy with nonsensical comments.


  71. Proton do the best in its class…..
    C’mon la bro That Civic, Corolla, Jazz, Vios, Swift, Mazda 3 & etc. should be in the same league as NEO price if our car tax structure is right.

    We still left far behind…..

    With thats kind ‘Hard Plasticky Interrior’, Low quality (Cheap) material here & there, Noisy “4 Disc Brake”; the car should be sold @ 25K – 35K price range; please confirm with proton R&D for the actual cost of product; used to work with Car Manufacturing R&D centre.

    We always be cheated by our BeEnd government; so thirsty to ‘sapu’ hard-earned people money…….

    Chasis wise,
    NEO is above average but still had more room of improvement to make it to the same league as those Japs and Contis

    Already proven…… 1 of British racing team had choosen NEO as their car for WRC Production Car class . (Be mind , that one is heavily tuned (chasis & Engine) by their team & not using that Campro Engine ….If not mistaken)

    For All the MME Winning claim,
    I agree with Tomei-R.
    R3 entering Class B because they can’t win in Class C when competing with Civics & Corollas.Please do study R3 involvement in Class C MME back to 2005; with Wajas, Gen2 and then NEO in 2007. The best they can reach is 5th place with R3 Waja back in 2006…. If not mistaken.

    Malu wei! Factory team defeated by all the ‘bengkel’ team with limited budget…..mana mau tarok muka!

    Then entering Class B in 2008 and Win! because……
    The class B is created to give to our Satria GTi & Putra to compete with those higher spec sport cars.
    Fine, there is DC2 there. But what point of Type-R with air Intake restrictor.
    From 200HP+++ , now become 140-150 HP region. That is even lower spec than tuned Racing Spec GTi & Putra.
    They will compete nose to nose with those ‘handicapped Type-R’.

    Some more top5 class C qualification time and Overall Lap is always better than those in class B !

    C’Mon Guys, Do study before you ‘Percaya Bulat2″ all the claimed.
    Please stop that Tapaw FD2R, DC5R, Lambo, Porsche…. claim in MME.
    That’s stupid & Ridicilous!!!! … Have you ever go to MME before???

    Not To bash all the Proton products; but guys please talk with the fact!
    That’s my 2 cents.

  72. Everybody well said and commented on another failure product, bravo! We all have to accept the fact that it is a failure becos out of all, 99% are bad-worst and only 1% are supporter…unless we see this:
    = satria neo cps is in california, usa which is of the tightest and strictest car specifications met in the world
    = satira neo cps is commented by Jeremy Clarkson for his professional reviews
    = satria neo csp is pass over to Foose in his program, OVERHAULIN

    unless all the 3 above are met, then bashers have their own right and national made supporters have their says

  73. hahaha.. you guys always the same la.. always want cheap product but with superdupa brilliant quality..mau recaro la big wheels la.. turbo la.. modal buat kereta bukan 2-3 ringgit la bro.. funny la u guys

  74. = satria neo cps is in california, usa which is of the tightest and strictest car specifications met in the world
    *** Hurdle number 1, left hand drive.

    = satira neo cps is commented by Jeremy Clarkson for his professional reviews
    *** He WILL definitely use it for his car games. Maybe another Kelisa type of fun for him. If you can come up with something like the Koreans does, he probably will say good things about it.

    = satria neo csp is pass over to Foose in his program, OVERHAULIN
    *** The Campro would have to go, and fitted with some monster of an engine. (So whats the point?) The kits that he could come up with would probably sell like hot cakes.

  75. *peace*
    wow…so many facts to consider after reading most of the post..its true that speak out your mind but with actual facts to back it up..better test drive 1st before making a decision…buying a car is what u like not what others like…=)

  76. agreed wit car lover… and if u say proton is far bhind from those toyota honda nissan n watever…no doubt….but then think again…where do they take the idea of CPS from??? by copying of coz…whereas other have 2 make n rnd from 0..
    its the same thing like vtec n mivec…so y cant proton make sumthing similar…even if comparing price…if a CPS cam switching profile shit got 160hp n cost 70-80k i’m sure there r still many petrol head out there will buy it…
    n those MME shit…come on…c wat type of modification they can afford on a neo…the engine management…they have unlimited budget man….

  77. Class C : Proton Satria 253 laps ….2nd 250 laps
    Class B : Proton Neo 251 laps

    after all.. it’s still a Proton. and even in class C also, they have to follow standard air intake restriction. I’m kinda enjoy this thread, last time zth closed when they reviewed Proton persona. Haha

  78. my generation old one satria 1.6 single cam engine used to generate 129hp on dyno last time with some modification on AFC,ITC, intake, and exhaust….what the heck when they have the variable valve lift and intake but still only managed to generate 120hp???

    for the drive by wire throttle, i think you guys can fix in those after market throttle booster from pivot or sprint booster. Most drive by wire car having the throttle lag problem due to the stock setting is optimized for fuel saving purpose.

    I fixed the sprint booster on my mini and the throttle response is much better now, it works fine on my friend’s audi A4 1.8T as well….

  79. The CPS valvelift was intended to improve Torque curve particularly low to mid range where the old CAMPRO had a major issue. It is intended to improve town driveability. It was not intended to turn it into a monster engine though there was a slight hp gain at the top.

    The old campro actually had very good power curve mid to top and was ‘peaky’ Nice to drive at high revs particularly sweet at 4000rpm but below that rpm it was poorer than it’s rivals. CPS + VIM in the new engine completely solved that together with reprogramming to reduce the throttle lag. The lag was not because of the dry by wire electronics. It’s because they simply programmed too much lag.

    Btw the CPS valvelift mechanism is identical in operation to Porsches Vario Cam Plus valve lift but minus the ‘cam phasing’ (variable cam timing) bit.

  80. Ok…The fact is that Proton did enter their neo in the 1.8 litre segment? I dont dare say its a 1.6 or 1.7 or 1.8. How can u guys claim it’s displacement to be a bit over 1.6 so they entered in into class B? Have u had ppl take apart the engine and prove that its displacement is just a lil bit over 1.6? Proton can claim whatever they wan because the fact is that they dont have a production car with a 1.7 or 1.8 engine to prove. Whatever they put into the car will always be a mystery to all.

    All in all…did u see the time sheets? They best lap they clock is slower by 3 seconds to the class c winner…..

  81. Everybody, please wake up from your and my senses…if Proton won the mme race outright with fairness, why don’t they mass produce the winning race proven car to us!
    What takes them so long to just fit in a cps engine? Why after so long in the car industry, the quality level is still like ice age era?

  82. Sigh.. u all hate Malaysia made stuff so much then get the F**K out of malaysia..

    go somewhere else that u can call home.. dun go mamak, dun use malaysia

    internet and punk about malaysia stuff.. in the end of the day ur freaking feeding

    ur daily fat Sh*t ass with malaysia air and food.. stop being a fagot and start

    appreciating Malaysia made stuff.. with u people boycotting Malaysia product and u

    aspect malaysia to be a better country or better car maker? Dream On!

    if ur so smart go make ur own lines of cars.. with ur silly name on the car batch like

    “yumaji or urmothercibai”

  83. Haha .. bump before thread close … Another part 2 plis !!

    Proton Satria Neo … hotter than ever .. :p

    Got something to say? Say it! Just don’t be the irritating guy with nonsensical comments

  84. wallawei..Neo is a hot item ere..hik hik
    guys, the thread is bout proton’s new neo pass those mme or 129hp dyno or those limited budget people that run superbly fast car, its not standard car anymore..
    proton’s targettin average income student who depends on their parents fulus n bdk2 muda will most it or not we live on one of the highest tax country therefore adapt to it and live with oso panas gak..oso want car like ek or subaru but what to do hik hik..
    even juta2 mercedes sterling moss if not mistaken pon ader plastik..juz in better form la..its all bout more money evrythg can..kerusi OGAWA pon bleh haha
    me oso drive japs car but now seeing proton slowly gain improvement, it’s not fair anymore to compare wif old days (stupid management demm)
    nway..i guess new cps neo will stand better than older with good handling (tried my fren’s neo) n feel-like solid body (ketuk2 pintu tarak bunyi tin milo lg)..feel like wanna test drive it la..
    different people different taste..again bagi la constructive comment not hard-to-swallow one

    juz my 99 cents hoho~





  86. well metalheads, i personally take that as a challenge to establish a non-goverment backed car manufacturer that produce its own car.

  87. hey guys, pliz la b a good citizen. i bet if d thais, s’poreans or indons hav their own car brand, i bet they dont bashin2 own product. so sad la malaysians got these type of mentality. low class type.. u guys for sure any religous must know d word of ‘thankful for what we hav’.. ayo, i just like to c sumtin growing better like proton. i oso drive many cars. proton oso hav .like it, buy it.. dont like, dont buy. at least if people wanna buy, why u care? u pay ka? lets hav a peaceful mind. d end

  88. when theres sum1 who bash…it means theres room 4 improvement…if u did sumthing wrong sure u need sum1 2 tell u o comment u tat rite…
    even singapore movie bash their own gov…lol

  89. Yong I agree with you.

    Constructive ‘bashing’ is always good. However ‘bashing’ based on hearsay, poorly researched facts and fictional opinion does amount to anything and serves merely to irritate. The ‘whiners’.

    We all know Proton’s shortcoming. Although they have improved a lot in the last couple of years, they still have a long way to go. I’m sure ultimately deep inside we all want to see Proton improve itself for the benefit of everyone.

  90. AT least proton improve the quality. Dont compare la wif japanese cars. Why dont u guys compare china cars and japanese cars? Comon la kids… lol.

  91. excuse me..what is CPS.. is it similar to vtec or mivec( valve lift) or like vvt (valve timing) or like k20a (both lift and timing)? sound interesting to me about this neo cps..but why only 120hp? cps only function on intake or both?

  92. If there is no proton those cars wouldn’t cost >100k! Don’t compare? You buy stuff without comparing? Then I salute you.

    A 2.0L civic at 80k duty free. Don’t compare?

  93. forget it is 4400rpm or 4800rpm switch to highprofile
    sorry can recall back
    also 2nd and 3rd gear have been change for the gear ratio (manual only)compare to previous

  94. this car is an average joe in its class,but a stepping stone for our local production .well done proton..just dont compare cars base on price.if you do then this is a never ending story love hate relationship.because taxation is not under proton’s per say.they cant produce a 1.8 or say 2.5 cps or put their mme to production directly plus if the merger of vw didnt fall through(i cant imagine gti plus dsg box on proton ),because imagine what will happen to our national automative sector esp the deficit in goverments taxation income when ppl who bought solely based on marques(e.g. japs or conti. cars) get same spec as our national car at a price 200% lower.hahaha….its too complicated its too political …but as the performance aspect is concerned i say 120 hp is a respectable figures for a 1.6 N.A car.EXTERIOR WISE:the spoilers is a too racer boy looksr,THE INTERIROR:it looks like the previous design but the colour scheme for the seat is spot on.if you are talking about prices rather than specs,then its just not relevent.its a catch 22 situation.its just my view..

  95. Why a NA 1.6 engine cost so much especially it is just a proton, home grown product?

    It is definitely not a sport performance engine like the the old 20+ years Civic 1.6 vtec B16a, but yet why Neo cps snapped on with sporty bodykits? Just increasing a mere 15hp and calling it a fast sporty hatch and weight over a ton?

    Why make rakyat so pressed to the maximum by charging us all the additional bodykits, stupid high back spoiler, kerbau leather seats and weird 16″ rim design? Why not make those all in optional items like Hyundai? Why force rakyat to accept them?

    Why and why? Just too many why to justify this new Neo cps…help…help…please!

  96. so many comments/bashings…go for a test drive and up close scrutiny, then only comment…isn’t that much more constructive, productive and meaningful?

    increasing mere 15hp? This is not some sort of plug & play items…any vvt mechanism requires extensive R&D…it’s not like proton can go to honda/toyota and ask/buy for their vtec/vvti development data…the 1st time always the hardest…and it’s essential to lay down the proper platform for further development and enhancement…otherwise there’ll be no sustenance…

    btw car manufacturers have always look to the past for so-called design rejuvenation…not only proton…it’s called evolution

  97. shut down proton and perodua…. Will it result in lower tax-duty on imported cars??? Think PPL….. will only result in retrenchment of malaysians and more money flowing out of M’sia.

    Proton cheap?? tell this to Perdana user tat encounter problems wit their gearbox, or wira’s power window, or waja’s door handle… Cheap initially, but imagine the maintenance cost and residual value after 5yrs. Pls buckle up and improve your quality before charging the RAKYAT high prices by adding fancy bodykit (wira SE, iswara SE, myvi SE, juz money making scheme)

    However, u can hate the satria neo… this model is cater for niche market. Hate it?? juz dun buy!!! If you got the money, go for Japanese or Continental. Sure comfort and safe. Want power??? tranplant lor!!!!!!

    We, Malaysian… majority had the experience of owning a Proton/Perodua due to financial constraint….. and it’s not a good experience…. 🙁

    Inside us, however upset/disappointed.. we really hope Proton/Perodua can 1day makes us proud globally

  98. Hahaha, guys try not to bash Proton so much la 😆
    For me, i think the Neo CPS looked great but i dun like the ugly gear compartment (dunno wat to call) n the seats…Having fabric is better for me coz i personally prefer fabric type 😛 not that hot.

    About the engine, no comment as have not driven it but seriously, if the headroom n legroom are better, i dun mind getting one 😆 have tried getting in a Neo, a bit too cramp for my long legs…

    Hopefully they will release the Neo GTi version in d future

  99. i own campro(gen2 manual) and i own dvvt ( 210hp) car and also vvti (vios)..
    all are just different..
    we would obviously compare their performance once a while but it would be stupid if performance is the only thing we compare.
    we dont just buy a car for trashing dont we? although most malaysian (include me) like modding cars and get into spirit driving
    if its performance only, i would had bought 3 210hp jdm car. but thats not the case.
    lets just be fair to campro, its not a weak engine,its just not refine enough.
    its rated 110hp, but look at its dyno at least me myself is impress.
    dont think i even need to mention dyno data of few new model ranging from 1.5cc-2.0cc. let it be also from toyota or honda look at the power lost in transmission. my campro only have around 6-7% transmision(mt) lost when it comes to wheel power. “with dyno sheet to back my arguement” .
    compare to my dvvt 210 hp or my vios wheel hp. nightmare.dont even mention.
    but again do i like my japs car? obviously yesssssss..
    is my used gen2 with low torque (but decent hp), plastic interior,poor sound proofing, poorly built quality campro giving me thrill when i driving it? obvious yes also..corner hell well and i rev nuts out of it 🙂
    and lets just be honest to ourself. i wouldn’t expect much when i pay rm30k to buy a used gen2 rite? everything else is a bargain..

  100. *shut down proton and perodua…. Will it result in lower tax-duty on imported cars??? Think PPL….. will only result in retrenchment of malaysians and more money flowing out of M’sia.

    We, Malaysian… majority had the experience of owning a Proton/Perodua due to financial constraint….. and it’s not a good experience…. 🙁

    Inside us, however upset/disappointed.. we really hope Proton/Perodua can 1day makes us proud globally*

    can’t agree more than this. those people who gave those kind of suggestions to shut down proton or perodua are selfish. they don’t care about others periuk nasik. w/o local company, lots of people would be jobless yet the economy turns bad. if those companies shut down, u think all people can buy new vios or city like u guys aa? if u want a cheap price for an imported cars, go buy one at overseas, dismantle it, then bring it over to malaysia parts by parts. u will be excluded from the tax i believe. then assemble back together into 1 car. haiya we are not as rich as u are la bro.. better you guys gain some knowledge on our car’s industry. plus the economy things. perhaps the history on imported cars, when they started, how long it takes etc.

  101. Overall, this Neo cps is too sky rocket priced high! Should have given all potential buyer the following:
    “Lite – w/o all the fancy bodykits and 16″ sport rim which it suppose to be since it is not a high performance engine” – RM 43K
    “High Line – with all the present extras that reflect nothing!” – RM 50-53K

    With the above possible reasonable Rakyat price, Proton can just get rid of the old under power Campro engine since they themselves claimed to be bad. So that, with producing only 1 enigne version, Campro CPS then the over cost will be lower. RIGHT everybody?

  102. The protectionist policy that we practice now is presumed by many is to only protect Proton, which is definitely wrong since Perodua itself is protected under that scheme.

    Though I do agree that it is unfair to tax import items, but economic terms having no protection at all would mean that all the money in Malaysia spent on cars will just flow out of the country, causing fluctuation of Ringgit value. We pay less for cars, but in time we shall have to shelf out more for basic necessities (food, clothing, gadgets etc.) In the long run, we end up as the losing party, being solely dependent on imported goods.

    But fret not, if no one is to support Proton nor Perodua, it will collapse, causing an outbreak of economic downturn for Malaysia, earliest by 2012, since our WTO agreement states that by 2012, Malaysia has to abolish all out protectionist policy. Automotive, steel, pharmacuetical, services, palm oil and other key industries will be exploited by foreign MNC’s (well, since MOST Malaysians don’t want to see local companies grow).

    By that time, all you Local-Product-Haters can buy imported goods at cheap price, and pay more for basic necessities (imagine paying RM 5 for Panadol in the next 10 years).

    Anyhow, back to the CPS, its a drastic improvement to the previous Neo.
    The gear shift is smoother and I have to say the interior do catch the eye and looks expensive (compared to the el cheapo plastic and fabric of the normal Neo). I must admit the price is on the high side, but then again, you pay extra to get extra rite?

  103. I’am a Bruneian… i drive a Proton Gen 2 campro… A Bruneian drives a Proton… u guys a Malaysian its ur national car n ur not proud of it…? its far from perpect… but got rooms for improvement… power wise maybe i got left behind… but hell better handling than some other car that u hav mention above… i wont mind taking the Satria Neo cps… its a nice car n handling is superb… wat a shame u bash ur own mlaysian car… like u r bashing ur own children… dnt be short minded be open…

  104. Cmon la, the old satria R3 had a price tag of Rm60-70k right? but it had recaro seats, momo steerings, Airbags, rims, etc,etc. Even then they were paying a premium for mitsubishi licenses.

    So, the question is, to whom is proton paying a premium for the new models? bcoz the new cars currently have less toys.

  105. just sick n tired reading word “RAKYAT” repeatedly in the post. r u trying to put political shyt inside here, stupidity POTONG? dammit…can i just not read about politics just for a while? tv politics paper politics blogs ZTH also got politic ah? seriously i hate ppl using this word nowaday….RAKYAT konon..u have personal issue u ajak RAKYAT to join u..

  106. Rakyat is people anyway, so, what ‘s wrong with “kereta proton neo cps is created for rakyat anak malaysia?”….if that is what you guys would like to hear, rite?

    Come on, this is a car related page giving own individual opinion and comments, that is what it is supposed to be for, true?

    Then why YOU, skazareth or whatever being so emotional and started attacking me! Are you a car enthusiast or an attacker of rakyat malaysia giving out comments?

    Truely stupidity looser if can’t stand this comment page! What a damn sore car commentator you are, if you are!

    Anyway, I have seen the car and sat in it, honestly speaking it is quite impressive however the let down is the high price set, agreed?

    Remember, this is a car comment invitation page with no obligation. If anyone feels too personal, please stay away from this site….only for winners, champion and king….get a life!

  107. pheww…..this is a long thread for a launch reviews comment’s.This car has a nice handling overall.I know i own the neo.(not the cps)This car dont have a lot of power…yes, i agree.but come over to any track day in sepang international circuit & you know what i mean. Yes they wont be able to overtake due to lack in power, but come corner, will alway’s bumper to bumper.Just try to check it at youtube.there’s a lot of neo video on & off track.Standard or Modified.

    Average joe car with an average power with a very good handling plus a strong chassis & a good look’s for a standard car in it’s class = Good for track beginners & skill’s building & car modder’s(ppl who like to swap with a different engine for power)

    I hate the new & old rim’s.(cps or non cps)
    i dont exactly like the big spoiler.R3 spoiler is excellent.
    I hate the new cps leather.(all of it)
    I hate the steering wheels.(cps & non cps)

    Other than that, i’m happy with my 1.6M Neo.merajuk kekadang biasa la.dah hentam kow kow…

  108. Anyone noticed the similarities in the front bumper of the Neo CPS and the Satria Gti? The place where the fog lamps sit in the bumper on the Neo CPS is A-shaped while the one on the Satria Gti is V-shaped.

  109. If u want power get urself a wira or satria or vtech and mod it till 300hp or shit,
    neo is not just about power its about being and all rounder, handling and power wise, yea sure proton is left behind like 100 yrs from other car manufatured.. give it a chance, proton and r3 got potential, 1 day when they suceed dont tumpang their glamour like our gov is doing to our sport now days when ur nobody u look down on them and 1 day when ur sombody everyone said malaysia boleh la, malaysian la, born in malaysia shit stuff.

    At least proton dare to challange the already competitive automotive world.

  110. politics? Rakyat? get a life….

    come on guys… u guys sounded like idi*ts, keep on bashing proton day in n day out.. cut ’em some slacks man..
    Pretend to be malaysian, but bitchin’ on malaysian brand..
    r u a gerilla, communist or somethin?

    try to be neutral….. that neo is a good development anyway…
    its just like a civic to type R in the late 80’s-90’s…
    but their path is a bit laid back, not hardcore..
    Plus , their target market is also somewhat to a different segment..
    at least there’s some improvement compared to when they’re 6-8 years back..
    Kudos to them, but pity they couldn’t satisfy some of the fake malaysian car enthusiast here in ZTH.. how sad…

    Nways thumbs up as well to the pictures n the article.

    any complaints? i’m a ZTH member, PM me at my nick kRminaLz


  111. J aka kRminaLz,

    My personal view is that LOVE MALAYSIA does not EQUAL BUY/SUPPORT/LOVE Proton. Proton is just a car manufacturer in Malaysia, same as to Perodua. I personally thought that Kelisa is a good car for the amount of price we pay to get it. Same goes to this Neo CPS.

    Many buy non-proton vehicles and enjoy it. See the selling price of my Mitsubishi is just RM 30k+ but i paid RM 110k+ for it. Why? Its about RM70k+ i paid as taxes to Malaysia because of my wish to buy a CBU car for my very own personal reason. Same goes to those who buy a 5-series, Merc and so on. They actually paid very much to get what they want, in the sametime they paid a lot to the country. I define this as loving the country as i paid without regret.

    At home, we, during the growing up time used to get scolding/advice from our old man whenever we do something which is wrong to them. They LOVE us that’s why they want us to improve. Pavlov proved that we can even make a dog to learn with conditioning, either its by reinforcement or by punishment. Same goes to Proton. There are ppl who credit with the presence of CPS engine in a Neo (myself thumbs up to Proton for this move) and there are ppl who give negative remark for other factors. I think Proton should take this as Reinforcement and Punishment to improve.

    Traveling to some other countries along our region i was envious at how much the Thais need to pay in order to get a corolla/vios. But coming back to my country here, i was proud to show my Thai friends our Gen2/Neo which is quite cool in design. Unique to some of them, as its “rare” in their countries. We make something! Nonetheless, forever protecting or forever support Proton blindly means we actually give no rooms for it to improve. Its as simple as giving a wheel chair or tongkat to someone who can walk on its own for a long duration, which eventually leads to weak leg muscles and hence a reduction in the ability to stand on own.

    Please do not call someone who gives negative comment on Proton a Guerilla, a communist or something. Do you like ppl to call you a LANUN if you don’t support a Malaysian product like Pensonic? In fact, the communist back in those days love the country and they fought hard with the cruel Japanese, who raped and killed us Malaysian.

    Again, i bought a Japanese does not mean i LOVE Japan. Same shit goes to driving a Merc does not mean i love Hitler.

  112. Just for the record “..Proton is just a car manufacturer in Malaysia, same as to Perodua..” is not an accurate statement. Proton is the ONLY manufacturer, the rest are merely ‘assemblers’ with hardly any capability to design a new car from scratch; an exercise which costs a lot of money.

  113. “A1diablo on February 20th, 2009 10:09 pm
    Just for the record “..Proton is just a car manufacturer in Malaysia, same as to Perodua..” is not an accurate statement. Proton is the ONLY manufacturer, the rest are merely ‘assemblers’ with hardly any capability to design a new car from scratch; an exercise which costs a lot of money.”

    True. My mistake. Wrong statement i made;)

  114. “strike961 on February 20th, 2009 6:43 pm : Again, i bought a Japanese does not mean i LOVE Japan. Same shit goes to driving a Merc does not mean i love Hitler.”

    Nicely said. But some people condemn the brand no matter what is said or being done to improve it. They condemn it out of hatred or just merely for fun. It’s human nature. If they own a Honda, they will look down on Proton. I’m sure that if they ever do own a Beemer they’ll spit on Honda. If a Ferrari is in their garage they’ll give the same treatment to BMW.

  115. Support proton=support “barangan buatan Malaysia”. Our ringgit cannot flow to other country. same like japan & Korea, they brought their our brand to improve their internal economy.. Cheeerrrr….Pls think malaysian people

  116. Well said strike961, I second your thoughts.
    And jeriey, buying imported cars and paying much more taxes for the goverment means what? Aren’t those imported cars do improve Malaysia’s economy too?

  117. pffft…if u guys really want power than just ask PROTON to make the satria neo s2000 with a price of more than 170k euro..

  118. strike961,
    Y r u feeling the heat mate?
    Did u say anything rakyat or politics?
    I don’t think so…
    I’m making some point there regarding my comments…
    just wanna keep zth healthy…

    I somehow agree with ur thoughts.
    I own 2 japs hard core as well, n I knw where ur going with ur statements..


  119. ey noone, do u think importing satria neo s2000 from uk will also be taxed? that would be a double slap on the face… i’d buy that car..

  120. Will they produce a road legal neo s2000? Else import the race car under special permit (exhibition car or race car) and you’ll probably get duty exemption

  121. 2 way for you to choose,

    1: Proton Malaysian car maker doesn’t exists, we can buy a cheaper toyota, honda, hyundai….. Example, 50+k for a toyota vios(due to import tax, 200% i think. Our government policy especially to protect Proton car maker company.)

    2: Supporting Proton car maker, then u will suffer from getting a higher price for cheap material, cheap stuff.

    if gen2, vios, and city all selling at price 50+K, which 1 will firstly comes into your mind?????
    I bet only few up to 100 will choose gen2…

    wake up, my friends….. don’t be fooled by government. we are deserved to lower price, why pay more?????

  122. gov tax for conti car is around 90 to 140%
    tax for jap car is lower than the conti,around 50 to 60% as afta between malaysia and japan have already been in effective

    i’m not A pro this or A pro that but it really annoying when someone trying to sound like a chief economist for some political partY.
    but cant get the fact of car tax policy right.

  123. Duh teamsleepnine… Taxes for all newly imported cars are 200% dude…. Please get the real facts right before sprouting false information of how much the car is supposed to be priced. If u don’t believe, might u as well try to calculate the prices of the cars in Japan vs Malaysia, then u will get what i meant.

    And for everybody’s information, the Satria neo 2008 is sold less than 8k pound dollars (around 7300-7500 pounds that time) and the people in US bashed proton that car so much saying how crappy it was.

  124. teamsleepnine;
    yes. I do agree with your statement, as our govt has signed an AFTA agreement with Japan, lowering tax rate for certain goods shipped and marketed in Malaysia.
    it is agreed upon, you can read it up inside the agreement. but it needs to be downloaded.

    as far as i know, no Proton is sold in the US market.
    so how can people who dont actually receive the car bash it? or are they like you, bashing without driving?

    price of car in japan is a wee bit lower since the cars are MADE there. so theres no surcharge for shipping, license, warehousing, etc. CBU units travel to malaysia, thus like any other visitor, need to pay for transport etc. and must also make profit for the local distributor.

  125. a new car in Japan comes with three years shaken registration.after that you can extended every two years which cost a bomb to do so,the shaken extended registry and the people chose to buy a new ones instead
    the jap goverment do this so people keep buying new locally made car (jap) ie the volume increase,more people employed,cheaper car…..which explain why there many used imported jap car everywhere or what we malaysian refer to as recond(not sure if there is other country use the same term)

    it is normal for a country that produce car to find a way to support its automotive ind,whether hyper protective with high tax for import like malaysia,korea,russia or like japan which generate the sale of homegrown car by using the shaken thing.
    or like the usa which the gov ended up give a couple hundred of million(or billion)

  126. VDread, please read what I posted before accusing people are bashing or not. I’m giving critics, not bashes no matter what way u see. And read up the links properly, it was U.K and I had wrote in mistake in U.S. Yes, there is not market in U.S perhaps, but in U.K? Don’t start to tell me then there is no one driving that car in U.K for even a test drive… =.=

    Yes, I may make a mistake about the taxes… I was made to believe the tax rate is always 200%, but considering that the prices ever go up, what 40-60% lesser of taxe will do? Feel any difference on the pricing? In the end it was all propaganda influencing u buyers to get something at a rip of price. That is a fact that everybody knows and yet you guys still protecting it =.= Do your own maths, with those so-called profit margin and you will see what I see in the car’s pricing.

    Don’t tell me like I didnt get to feel what Proton feels like, I have 3 Sagas in the house, and the latest LMST was nothing compared to my year 1983 Honda Civic in terms of power. Imagine what Proton provides in 20 years, and whatever they said in the end was just propaganda for u guys to buy their products, allowing them room to be lazy providing nothing to you guys. Just read up the review for the UK specs, which will be much better despite the pricing over there and you will get my point.

    Technology has grew so much, and yet our Proton manage to only provide with the latest Campro CPS? Yes, Proton do improve, but nevertheless, we are still laughing stocks to U.K and Japan. Even the foreigners was so awed with the pricing of Malaysian cars in accordance with Malaysian Ringgit, where the average Malaysian pay will be around RM3k permonth, but paying RM60k for a NEO camparing at the average salary in U.K at 3-4k pounds but buying a Ford Focus/Dodge at their currency at less than 20k? Which you will choose? Considering that it was Malaysian made car, why such expensive price?

    And at U.K, why our cars could even reach the 15k pound barrier? Even the most expensive price for a Neo in U.K was 13k Pounds, why that low price considering the profit margin? And we Malaysians still pay much higher for plastics, plastics and Campros which produce low trottle response which such a crappy aftermarket service compared to the U.K specs Proton products.

  127. Mishima,

    If you’ve only driven 3 old(I’m assuming) Sagas and the latest LMST(essentially another reskinned, re-upholstered 25 yr old Saga), then you MUST go your nearest friendly neighborhood Proton showroom and test drive their latest products. This time STAY AWAY from the LeMonST, (though its a fun, zippy car to drive). Try the NEW SAGA, NEO, WAJA. They’re ‘night and day’ compared to your 4 sagas.

    Seriously, go and try. Don’t feel guilty to tell the salesman, “Don’t call me, I’ll call you” but don’t blame me if end up trading in your car 🙂

    As for your UK price and relative income comments.. how much do they pay everymonth in car payments against what they earn? I have no clue.

  128. A1diablo;
    Yes, had tried all much earlier than that, but so far… as I had said, there are improvements but not that tremendous to make me impressed. I never said that they suck big time but I will say they aren’t worth buying either YET. The only thing why Proton always wins is their always affordable prices and the ease of getting a service centre for Protons. Other than that, power window, noise insulation, engine, bloodsucking service prices, body roll problems… Name it, u may find it some time. And don’t think I’m gonna trade my year 1983 Civic for something that was still in BETA stage when it was still capable smoking other newer cars of Proton. Yes, it was fugly, but OLD ,is always GOLD. Still remembered how a Waja’s rear completely compressed (or kemek) after crashing into me for doing some dumb reverse. Heh.

    About the relative income comments, I just don’t know how to enlighten you more. Just assume things in equilibrium, and u may get what i meant. And one more thing, 20hp extra won’t hurt eventually, with less toys full of plasticity. Though things do improve… But still, wait til they can smoke B16A easily then it will be worth a lot of penny for investment by then.

  129. “Other than that, power window, noise insulation, engine, bloodsucking service prices, body roll problems…”

    I drive a NEO most of the time, occasionally the SAVVY and latest Perdana V6. Prior to that I had owned the Satria GTI (we owners admit can’t smoke a B16A civic in straight line – but we still love our GTI to bits because of handling :). No regrets. Go ask any ex-GTI owner), 2001 Perdana V6, also had the LMSS(the Ah Beng Iswara before your LMST), 2004 Waja and an old 1989 Saga 1.5i

    I can’t seem to relate to your gripes especially with the current models. Obviously some were true with the much older Mitsu based models. With regards to my NEO, which I drive most of the time, 2 yr old car –

    NO POWER WINDOW problems.

    NO SOUND INSULATION problems, not even high speed wind noise. The old SAGA or any of its variations sounded like a tin can from inside. In fact sound insulation was a BIG step forward for Proton beginning with the Satria GTi. No comparison to wira or old satria. The GTI felt and sounded ‘continental’ against the other Proton models that time. I noticed this standard continued to today.

    ENGINE – only complain is power below 3500rpm and laggy throttle.I ‘heel n toe’ all the time(habit) and the lag is a pain. But beyond 3500rpm ,and especially cruising 140-160km/h.. is not good… It’s REMARKABLE! Try cruising that speed in the older protons and they would feel unstable (except GTI) and engine strained. However the CPS has addressed these issues completely.

    BLOODSUCKING SERVICE – No issues either. Well I’m not spending 10 bucks only for every service. It is always above a 100 but no more than what you’d spend at say a Honda service or any other well established brand SC.

    BODY ROLL PROBLEMS – Again, perhaps yes on the old 90s Saga, wira etc. My experience – issue is non existant post Satria GTI. This comment surprised me. I always felt that all the current Proton models excel in this area compared to its new car rivals.

    For ‘kemek’ I would rather my car kemek (crumple zone doing its job) then my car stayed in tact but I lose my life. Something which very old cars were not well designed for. Very old cars tend to be built more rigid but in an impact the occupants or the occupants of the lighter car would be killed. But perhaps your kemek incident was one of those silly low speed reverse that just hit in wrong spot. Cannot deny that the guy that reversed into you probably would have a heftier repair bill. However have you accidentally reversed your car into someone and noticed who had more damage.

    I feel that the current Proton models is just in a different league compared to the Mitsu based old models. That’s just my experience.

    Anyway your civic is a classic Honda icon. Should consider restoring it to pristine condition.

  130. who knows why proton’s car so expensive?
    thats bcoz of the taxes….can u imagine proton price if theres no taxes
    just look at the new saga blm…
    small car..but the price is so high.
    small car should priced less…as its designed for less affordable people..
    same story goes to savvy.
    we’ve been cheated by our own government

    just look at the world motorsport…honda,suzuki,kawasaki and many other company pull out.but why proton bravely enter the competition?
    does it seems weird?can you spot it?

  131. for those that said proton is just burdening because of proton we have high tax on import cars, ur right if there’s no proton,car will be cheaper, hey maybe those with neo probably are all using evo or a subaru if proton doesn’t exist myb we cud own car and bike like sg?, but then when i think about it until when shud we rely on foreign car?dont u guys 1 day dream that malaysia hav their own supercar like r8?or maybe sports car or hot hatch like volks gti, subaru,evo,audi tt,bwm z4 or honda s2000?

    Its a long shot i know but dream are possible, mayb if we wait long enough mayb after proton have manage to turn out with huge turnover and maybe if we keep on pushing them mayb who knows 1 day we will have our own malaysia sports car?

    And for me personally with all the good comment i read about the neo s2000,its remind me the day when subaru just entered rallying..and myb who knows in a few years we will see a awd neo???

    And 1 thing i love to see our own local grown super,sports car rather than some japs or euro cars.

  132. the problem is proton seems to produce car with bloodsucking price.even some of the people pay 1/3 of their salary.another 1/3 for fuel.dont you think we pay too high for transportation.i agree we can be proud of proton but the fact is the car’s price in our country is too expensive.anyone want to deny it?
    compare to other country like south korea,singapore, we’re left behind in many aspect.even years ago we’re level.why?thats becoz their people able to save their salary we dont.we pay to much for living,for car,for fuel,taxes..

  133. Dreams, will be possible, but by the time, are we there to see or feel it? For more than 2 decades of copying others technology, why only some improvements that still won’t be able to match cars of foreign countries even a little by time? And why the pricing that never defeat other foreign cars that everybody used to talk about? Look ahead… 2020! And do you guys think that car they may produce by that time….

    Anyhow, just keep ur fingers crossed…. Just HOPE that one day Proton can really impress… But for me, by that time, perhaps the raging need for speed is gone… Hehe….

  134. i agree with mishima.the price for the proud of having very own car company is too expensive.what we get from that proud other than getting small car with a small engine and its very expensive.2020?by that time how much our money need to be invested(cheated-to be precise) to reach some level and im not sure we will satisfied by that time for what they’ve reached if we refer from what they’ve done last 2 decades..

  135. Guys…What Im trying to say is that we should give PROTON a chance in improving their cars…PROTON is not like other companies where the first car from PROTON is only available in the 1980’s…We should be proud from what PROTON have to offer…being able to achieve that, even though not as what we enthusiast have expected, theyre are improving…but slowly…even like this, it has been a great achievement for PROTON…let’s not compare PROTON to actually THE BEST companies out there such as HONDA, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, ASTON MARTIN, FORD etc…those big companies are around since more than 10 decades ago…PROTON is just around 2 decades…why not we just compare PROTON to some equal companies such as HYUNDAI, SANGYONG, KIA, CHERRY, CHANA etc…

    We know PROTON is able to surface among them…but all I see and heard from Malaysians are ‘compare PROTON to HONDA’…mostly…this is suicide!!…there are even some comparing the B16A engine from HONDA with PROTON engine…IT IS SUICIDE!…THIS IS MADNESS!…Here’s a little bonus information, why compare PROTON to HONDA?? I just dont understand Malaysians…do YOU know that HONDA is ONE of the best out there..?? Even HARLEY DAVIDSON salutes to HONDA in the 1930s for breaking in the US market…HONDA even pawned HARLEY DAVIDSON in the sense of quality and cost…HARLEY was in the verge of closure…got what I mean?? HONDA is insanely good…but why still Malaysians have to compare them to PROTON..?? HONDA was here even before PROTON…even until now HONDA managed to overcome any problems faced…they are overwhelming!! PROTON was only able to make a crappy car in the 1980s while HONDA was about 10 decades before that, have you ever thought of that? We should be proud for what they are trying to do…because they are the researches, they are the developers…not us…we just sit here and say crappy stuff and throw it at them…is that HOW WE SHOULD HELP IMPROVE OUR HOME GROWN CAR MAKER COMPANY??? does that satisfy us? Why not we give them ideas? help them design the way it should be…tell them, heal them, speak truthfully, let them listen…not just complain and say “lantak la janji aku ada INTEGRA”…we have to push them to let them to listen to us…not complain.

    Can you even imagine how sad it is to have people like this…

    Im not a person who votes which maker wins…I actually love cars and Im even designing future cars as if I will or not able to go into PROTON…that’s how we should all think…we dislike the current one…WHY NOT HELP THEM MAKE LIKE WHAT WE WANT…there is an old saying “Barat buat, kita buat. Nippon buat, kita buat. Ikut arus umpama BUIH”…think about it…I even have my own favourite maker TOYOTA, but this is not the way…Malaysians always knows only how to complain and doesnt do anything about it…why not you guys who thinks their so clever design an engine that is even powerful?? It should be better right..?? Stop saying things like “Ooo…PROTON ni lembik, tak kuat, buang duit, tak laju sbb tak boleh potong B16B”, “Ooo…Honda is powerful and glamour, have VTEC, not like PROTON so stupid, BUY HONDA!!!”, “Oooo…SKYLINE so powerful, not like crappy WAJA, BUY NISSAN!!!!”, “OOooo…SUPRA aku twin turbo, apa barang PROTON~~~, potong EX5 pon lambat”…

    I understand that under some circumstances, PROTON products may be a bit expensive than they should be…and sometimes even more than what we can get for other car maker parts…but these can be solved if we hadnt had to Sub-Con our parts to other companies instead by making them parts themselves…get the feeling now?? This is the problem why PROTON seems to produce car with bloodsucking price. Even some pay 1/3 of their salary…another 1/3 for fuel…that’s why we pay higher for transportation…

    Even if I had to buy another companies’ car other than PROTON…the price would even be the same BLOODSUCKING too.

    Why compare to singapore?? They dont even have a car yet…What we’re left behind in many aspect????

    Only these sentences make sense though, “thats becoz their people able to save their salary we dont. We pay to much for living,for car, for fuel, taxes” but is this really it?? As I knew, Koreans lived a harder life than Malaysians are, where some of them are so poor that they can only manage to sell fish from a lake or just to eat them for lunch…Korea’s economy is even less stable than we are…why are you saying that we are worse??????

    But saying that our government cheats on taxes and such…where did this crappy sentence came from anyway?? Im not trying to offend some of you but if it is true, how come there arent clever people like this has ever been gone to solve this?? Why arent people like this help PROTON or the government not cheat…??? I dunno what else to say…in fact there are many fresh graduates with the knowledge of Automotive…WHERE ARE THEY??? Like I have known, they should be the one who likes to drive fast and have big engines, big VTEC, BOOM TURBO, SUPERCHARGER….why not these kind of clever people help PROTON make a turbo car??? Wouldnt it be better???

    It is possible to have what it takes to achieve the AUTOMOBILE dream, but without the help from YOU GUYS WHO COMPLAINS A LOT, it would be harder…As for me…Im already at it…when is your turn?

    Not all drivers have a racing heart…some of us just like to DRIVE…but dont worry…for the guys who likes racing but only says loads of crap, please please please be patient…for your future would be marvelous…I can assure you that…It wont be the B16A, B16B or any HONDA engine…

    Its the truly PROTON made engine….

    P/S: Im sorry if I have offended some of you….please accept my apology…were MALAYSIANS right?

  136. yup!we,re proton..dont just complains..why bother compare proton to companies that has establised for decades?..these ppl just make me laughs..get a life..

  137. we,re proton..i can say this also…but how reliable is the engine is still a question i will ask and there is no confirmed answers…

    we got power
    we got style
    we got design
    we also have cars burning due to certain engine faulty

  138. no complain on proton but most accident die is because of proton(steel is not hard enough because cut cost), if you appreciated your life buy another car. Because my uncle die in proton wira b4 after trade in his Volvo 240. Proton just a company they did for profit, maybe some people say is malaysia pride and glory. But company still is a company they main reason earn money(made it cheap cut cost earn alot margin), why support them with your hard earned salary. But Proton are still better than china car for sure. The death percentage in china made car are the worst.

    This my 2 cent. just a narrow minded personal opinion

  139. limfk7:
    theres one issue you forget, most malaysians cant afford more than a proton.
    my sister died in a proton saga 1st gen. Because somebody pushed the car off the road.

    Princess diana died in a merc. expensive car yet not safe?

    it all boils down to how you drive.

  140. Yes, everything u guys said have its point but Im not concerned about the company either…its us…some people does not really appreciate things…btw, sorry for your losses…those are actually fate…we cant do anything either…PROTON has its fault but it doesnt mean accidents are all caused by PROTON…

    in the end the percentage of ppl dying in a PROTON is not because of the malfunctioning of the machine…its human error…for your losses i apologize again, thats what anybody cant do anything…for now what i can see is that PROTON have improved…not drastically but slowly…

    i actually really hate complainers in a thread/forum/article…it is just unappropriate and not adult…but what the heck theyre not my children…right??

    thats the point of my writings anyway…i do not say that i prefer PROTON to any other car makers but give PROTON a chance to prove themselves…

    Still theres a whole lot of people still buying PROTON and a lil’ bit of PERODUA…both are also average but still im seeing MYVI, BLM, NEO etc2 hanging around the entire Malaysia…what do you expect…it is because of promotion, price, parts etc2…the government is trying to sell off Malaysian made vehicles rather than let us buy foreign cars…any country would do the same except that PROTON is a lil’ full of conspiracy thats all…

    what i suggest is that we Malaysians should help support Malaysians, not support only PROTON…its like if you have a budget to buy TOYOTA,HONDA,MERCEDES etc2 go on ahead…nobody is arguing…unless ur a lil’ short on the cash and needs transport to go to work, go pasar and stuff…then should you buy a foreign car? maybe local should be better…right??

    Again Im very very very sorry for you guys that have lost their loved ones…may they be in peace and not to be blamed…I myself had loved one died in car crash (PROTON)…but thats PROTON thats to be blame…no one is…its fate for whom believes in GOD

    thats all i have to say…

  141. For me, Proton does improved much on handling, safety and cabin comfort.I test drive any of new Proton cars, such as Neo, Persona, Gen-2 even a BLM Saga. it impressed me much only i’m a Perodua owner. thumbs up for them.

    The only thing I want for Proton to focus with is the engine. The Campro engine is a piece of crap. And Proton is the only car manufacturer that only produced its own engine ONLY in 2 variants, 1.3 and 1.6 while other got plenty to suit the buyer needs.

    And I bet u know what ‘CAMPRO’ means right? But wth they put the CPS for the engine they claimed already had a CAMshaft PROfiling system at the first place??

  142. Proton Edar produce a superd rubbish car and be careful because they are exactly doing the faker business. Some of their dealer received all the downpayment of customers but not supply the cars. Finally the dealer run away and bankrupt but Proton edar even not to take responsibility because of their stupid mistake appointment of fake-dealers.

  143. lancau la… nak beli kete murah pergi balik china la…. ko beli la kereta CHERY yg bangang tu…

  144. I’m indonesian n I like proton. For 2 decades manufacture for automobile,
    Proton already made a good car. The handling for neo is better than jazz or vios.
    For engine, yeah it not the best one. But it’s powerfull enough. Jazz only produce 120hp
    For their ivtec engine. Neo cps is 125hp with their “only cps”. We already know that ivtec is better
    Than campro cps. Salute for malaysian coz your government very2 support your national automobile.
    Not like us.

  145. aku baru nak beli nie..awat byk sgt mulut2 busuk kat sini..biaq aku pakai dulu la weh..haha.. aku mlwak ja..
    tapi memg aku minat gila bentuk neo nie..ingat nk sambaq satu…
    hdup malayziee

  146. Once Malaysian Government Stop Corruption. Everything Will Be Cheap. i’m planing to force myself to buy my first car. i’ve been thinking about saga.. but after thinking over and over again.. i still think that i’m investing somethin that’s under power has no value in the future… i’ve always loved Satria GTi, believe me it’s my dream car, alot of people laugh at me for that, but i said FU*k’em anyways it’s my dream.. my friend said he’ll sell me his satria Gti with Evo2 Engine and turbo or somesh*t i donno what for 28K
    and it’s a 2001 car.. am i being con?? i really wanna buy this CPS.. after chinese new year.. but i only have so little knowledge about cars.. need ALL YOU PROFESSIONALS here to give a little piece of advice..

  147. i believe it was a bit rushed, and disregarded some options that not many individuals discuss about. Everyone is aware of that almost all new smartphones have web, so why show that primary function at its bear minimum. Scroll up scroll down zoom in zoom out. Really? which new cellphone doesnt try this? How bout talk about how the text rearranges itsself. Also the texting, very poor review. Why didnt you point out you should utilize the mic and textual content along with your voice? Disregarded ALOT of other extra essential options

  148. Wow had been reading the forum posts really ‘fierce’ at times.. Its post bout the car not other factors rite guys? Anyways i will be getting my 1st car coming next month. Its gonna be a Proton Satria Neo by the way.


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