Nissan GT-R vs Koenigsegg CCR Evolution

The good thing about the Nissan GT-R is that you can take on any supercar, if you win, you’re great, if you loose, well you lost to a much more expensive supercar so the other car had better be faster. Here’s a video on the GT-R dragging the Koenigsegg CCR Evolution. The CCR Evolution first made its appearance on these pages with a video of it on a drag strip. Here its challenged by the GT-R to a rolling drag race. The GT-R expectedly lost but could the result have been different if the two went for a standing start? If you remember the last video (if not, it’s posted after the jump), the Koenigsegg had difficulty putting down all 806hp on tarmac without lighting up the tyres, so the GT-R could just have an advantage there. I guess we’ll never find out.

thanks for the tip Gustav
Source: GTBoard

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  • Aug 6, 2009
i like both the koenigsegg and GT-R,i more enjoy the Carrera GT sound!!!very nice sound~~~
  • A
  • Aug 12, 2009
Would the GTR have done any better with standing start? Err dream on, it got absolutely destroyed. The CCR left if for dead. To be expected of course and I am not knocking the GTR at all as I think it is an awesome car for the price but the CCR costs about 10 times as much and in that video you can see why.