exotic mods scirocco caractere front

Ever seen a Scirocco in the flesh yet? Now picture a dressed-up version in white, on 20’s fresh from the paint oven. It’s just obscene that some people get to order their cars before trying, and when finally here, is then sent to a shop for an extensive makeover. Not easy being first.

exotic mods scirocco caractere front corner 1exotic mods scirocco caractere rear corner cruiseexotic mods scirocco caractere rear topexotic mods scirocco caractere badge 2exotic mods scirocco caractere lower bumperexotic mods scirocco caractere exhaust

Exotic Mods undertook the project. We haven’t experienced the Scirocco prior to this and ironically, were expecting one from VW Malaysia just 2 days after this one. Honestly, who’d be as interested in the stock one after checking this one out? plus the suspension has been fiddled with, even the power has been upped, this is no ordinary Scirocco. We had a short test drive in this one instead.

exotic mods scirocco caractere rear corner

Exotic Mods needs no introduction. They are the trailblazers of the Euro car scene here in Malaysia (in case you’re wondering [title]-  first in which country?). Producing modified masterpieces is one thing, Engaging clients such as the owner of the said Scirocco is a whole other story. With more done-up Euros, namely Porsches, BMWs and Mercs passing through the hands of Shedden EE (owner), They have enough portfolio to publish a monthy eurozine.

stock scirocco

Before we get to the climax of this feature, i’ll let you in on a little about driving it, which most VW aficionados could already visualize. The above was the Scirocco we got. Tangy lambo green does make up for the lack of “extras”. The Scirocco drives much like a Golf. Being larger and longer, there’s a certain “sporty executive” feeling about it. I’ll let Keshy furnish you with the rest of the Scirocco Test Drive which will be published soon.

exotic mods scirocco caractere side cruise

Coming back to the feature, Caractere supplied the aesthetics. Most of it actually and here’s the list:

  1. Caractere front bumper add-on
  2. Caractere front grille
  3. Caractere side skirts
  4. Caractere roof spoiler – sports
  5. Caractere rear add-on
  6. Caractere Twin Exhaust
  7. Brembo GT kit Big Brakes – front
  8. H&R sport springs
  9. H&R anti-rollbars
  10. Exotic Mods Stage 2 remap
  11. Prius 6000K HID Conversion Kit for Fog Lights
  12. Blesk LED Parking Lights
  13. Blesk LED License Plate Lights
  14. Blesk LED Side Mirror Flood Lights

exotic mods scirocco caractere lower bumper

Now that’s a Cutting-edge VW.

exotic mods scirocco caractere wheels 20

Teens are so yesterday. 20s are the way to go.

exotic mods scirocco caractere exhaust

Bespoke Caractere twin exhaust.

exotic mods scirocco caractere badge 2

We thank Shedden for the heads-up on the Scirocco Project. If you own an Euro, typically one that’s 2000 and up, give Exotic Mods a visit. Chances are, they’d have something you need.

No.22A, Jalan PJS 3/43,
Sunway Damansara Technology Park,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,

Tel : +603 7803 3938
Fax : +603 7803 3983
Ee Shedden

exotic mods scirocco caractere frontexotic mods scirocco caractere rear cornerexotic mods scirocco caractere rear badgeexotic mods scirocco caractere side cruise 2exotic mods scirocco caractere side cruiseexotic mods scirocco caractere rear badge