How do you make something so good, great, and a year later, the greatest? This is just what Mugen did to the FD2 Civic Type-R with the 2008 RR. This year, they’ve unveiled what would be the most extreme factory tuned Type-R. They’re calling it the RR Advanced Concept. It’s no longer a Type R. in fact, most removable panels are now carbon fiber. They have also retained the carbon reinforced interior from the Experimental spec RR.

The RR Advanced Concept still produces 260bhp now makes 260bhp, 20bhp more than the 240bhp RR and does 9000rpms. Watch the Tsukuba video and read on as they compare times from the Type-R, the RR and the RR Advanced Concept. Note the cool floor mounted gas pedal. Totally a must for all future JDMs.



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  • JDM_Car

    They’re stopping the F1 deal, NSX or even S2000 , but yet still produce admiring civic modification.

    Spyshot 2009 Civic Mugen RR at

    way to go honda

  • pc_teh

    They take all the fiber carbon in their F1 car to this car. Maybe place order(CF) already and cannot return. ekeke …. nice car and very aggressive …..

  • 16V

    the sound not too perfect…i like ep3 sound

  • pl4y3r122

    bro’s its tuned by mugen… not honda.. lolx.. honda got noting 2 do wit de modification.. hehehehe..

  • skyline1988155

    wow…amazing RR…great job from mugen…congratulation mugen…

  • drew1.0beta

    this is when i wish i could read japanese…insane car!!

  • akafmomo

    superb. i love the front end

  • user6


  • minivan

    1.04 in an all-motor at tsukuba is superb stuff…. pergh…

  • Batman

    Dear Mugen,

    We here at a little country call Malaysia would really appreciate if you can add a supercharged system to this Civic RR. We would like to see wings that we can clip on the side and with the supercharged system you can basically launch and fly the car. We all our dreams and hope we believe you can do it.

    Mentally Screwed by Speed

  • HaZaRd

    great tuned car… zth can u plz translate da japanese words to english?? 😛

  • fai2max

    danm nice civic….will it bring to malaysia ?? coz arady got ppl bring the mugen RR in arady….

  • LANE

    nice bodykit .. err some ahbeng in malaysia seem thinking of something

  • es2611

    gosh. horribly nice.

  • PocketRocket

    nice footwork…

  • Car God

    Biasalahh, even Proton able to do so. got $$$ then everything can settle.

  • Tom

    Car God: can you tell us why do you even bother posting?

  • mofo

    guys may i noe wads da light which looks like led on da car? anybody noe? may i noe where to get it in malaysia? penang can get?

  • akafmomo

    i think the led on the front end is an led spotlight that have been custom’d. if im not mistaken u may find it here in zth’s marketplace if u look carefully tru out the older forums. however, it does look different as the mugenn RR advanced’s one is custom’d.

  • mofo

    wad do dey call tht thing neway.? saw it a lot on da streets but i jz couldnt get any idea where to get it from as i have search n search for omos 1.5 years since da first time i saw it.

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  • Shanashi

    ur looking for the daytime LED’s in front? in forums got under for sale,automobile section….I’m selling it…

  • mofo

    can u gimme a link to ur page plz? i badly want it

  • AXXeLL

    just love it all around, except the back bumper… kinda weird with the bumper extension…

  • steve

    pergh……. good job from mugen. i like from front bumper to the end. did this rr using short shifter??????

  • Lord1700

    speechless….now i’m regret selling off my ’05 civic long time ago..

  • netmatrix

    This is one hell of a time atack machine. 2.2L….. explains a lot.


    dunno how many unit will be mass production…

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  • melroy

    i would be interested in advance honda civic bodykit how can i buy it

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