How do you make something so good, great, and a year later, the greatest? This is just what Mugen did to the FD2 Civic Type-R with the 2008 RR. This year, they’ve unveiled what would be the most extreme factory tuned Type-R. They’re calling it the RR Advanced Concept. It’s no longer a Type R. in fact, most removable panels are now carbon fiber. They have also retained the carbon reinforced interior from the Experimental spec RR.

The RR Advanced Concept still produces 260bhp now makes 260bhp, 20bhp more than the 240bhp RR and does 9000rpms. Watch the Tsukuba video and read on as they compare times from the Type-R, the RR and the RR Advanced Concept. Note the cool floor mounted gas pedal. Totally a must for all future JDMs.