Formula One legend, hero and god, Ayrton Senna has been awarded the title as the greatest Formula One driver of all time by Autosport. Now you may ask who actually voted and decided Senna as the best, well you could argue the results if it were just a regular man on the street who voted but that’s not so. The voters actually comprised of 217 Formula One drivers – going all the way back to 98-year old Paul Pietsch who raced in the 1930s. Among all their peers the drivers chose the Brazilian as the number one F1 driver of all time.

We think that Senna is the best of the best and he truly deserves his title but there are some controversial results, like Fernando Alonso being at the number nine spot and Lewis Hamilton at number 17 ahead of Jack Brabham and Graham Hill and Jenson Button at number 30 ahead of the likes of Phil Hill and others. Those results do raise a brow, click here to have a look at the list yourself and decide.

Source: Autosport


  1. Senna ….u are my greatest driver ever…..since you left,F1 not at fun as your time….we wont forget you..

  2. Yes, the greatest the world has ever known. FOrmula 1 has never been the same since you died. We miss you

  3. The best form of racing was never the same since Ayrton left us. F1 changed so much since Ayrton death in Imola 1994. The pure racing spirit during of Ayrton and pure racing competitionwith Alain Prost will never be found again in any racing motorsport

  4. I am proud to have a Honda, knowing that my hero, Ayrton Senna da Silva, drove one in his day.

    Senna, dead or alive, the best.


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