Autocar Finds The Best Handling Car In The UK

Autocar herds together an enviable collection of very desirable cars in it’s quest to find the best handling car in the UK. You might think why should you be bothered about car’s that handle well in the UK. Simple, all the car’s you see featured in the video, you get here as well.  There are some pretty amazing cars really, from the Lamborghini Murcielago SV, to the Nissan GTR, even car’s like the Renault Clio RS, Jaguar XFR and Porsche Panamera were in contention for the title. It’s a relatively short video which makes the anticipation shorter but it’s nice watching the car’s being driven the way they were meant to, although doing it yourself would have been much more fun. Enjoy the video. Tip: GTR lovers turn away.

Source: Autocar

  • B
  • Aug 19, 2009
There's no doubt that best handling will always go to Lotus....
  • R
  • Aug 19, 2009
Go Lotus! Mid engine rear wheel drive and touched by the gods of ride and handling...what could be better.

Although the Clio RS does deserve an honorable mention. What do you think Keshy?
  • K
  • Aug 20, 2009
lol.. ure right Reza.. in terms of handling.. it surely is up there with the best.. Evo and Fifth Gear did say that the Clio RS stands as one of their favourite hot hatch.. it's not the best.. but it's certainly up there among them ; )
  • S
  • Aug 20, 2009
the uk reviewers are always biased towards their own country company.
EVO, fifth gear and autocar are all british magazines.
  • A
  • Aug 20, 2009
Yes that is true but it is also a fact that Lotus cars are among the best in the world in terms of handling, which is what the comparison was about.

I'd take the LP670-4 SV just for the outrageousness :)
  • N
  • Aug 20, 2009
hmmm wonder why Ferrari was not in this play ?
  • M
  • Aug 23, 2009
Lotus even made the chassis for the GT-R. That's how good they are
British car journalists test handling capabilities by 'feeling' with their balls, ass, and whatver surface that came in touch with the car, and then scientifically produce results base on their 'feeling'

American car journalists test handling capabilities with the car's lateral G figures and skidpad figures, undeniable factual numbers that came from a series of systematic tests.

Every car you drive before/after, produces significant skews of your view towards the following car you're about to drive, I never believe much in UK road tests, they're almost always bias towards their own makes.

Handling of a car, should be base on its intended capabilities, which means British mag's constant depict of a Caterham being the 'Ultimate Driving Machine' against the likes of anything ranging from large GTs to 4 door saloons is just a classic example of predetermining test results before testing. And somehow they're always capable of excluding key rivals in group tests.