I was surfing as usual when I came across this gorgeous Z3 built by Gluck Tuning Garage. It’s Mazda month over at SpeedHunters, and if you’re wondering what does a BMW and Mazda have in common, you’re right to wonder so because there’s really nothing in common, just that this particular Z3 is powered by a 13B rotary engine.

There’s not much information available and this is the only shot I could get hold of, but you can still clearly see the rotary powerplant. Going all out on the car, Gluck fabricated a custom bodykit to house the massive Volk TE37 wheels measuring in at 19″ x 8.5 at the front and 19″x9.5 in the rear. They also swapped the standard headlight for the Honda Odyssey headlights, giving it a unique look – though final judgment will have to wait till we see them turned on.

Get over the headlights, the most interesting thing about this car is still the 13b powerplant. Power output has been set at a hefty 435bhp thank to To4s turbo among other things of course. This is all the information I got but its still easy on the eyes. More information on this if we get any.

Source: SpeedHunters