’s Newest Arrivals! – Get them at the Super GT this weekend!

eggo_frontIt’s the Super GT season again and this time, we’ve got some new and cool stuff on sale. If you like our abstract artworks, you’ll love’s latest range of merchandise.

The Bombegg – Bomber Egg shirt features’s all-time favourite bomberman logo in double-yolk, sunny-side up eggs served on a clean and smooth black cotton shirt.

The Turbomb – Turbo Bomber shirt is really something else. Instead of the more common twin-turbo set up you get on the streets, we’ve managed to squeeze twin-turbines into a single turbo assembly tightly bolted onto an all-white top.

The Fanyard – Fan lanyards will replace your plain and boring pieces of shoe strings stuck on your office/home/school access and identification cards. Abstract graphics are embedded onto tightly woven nylon strap in black for robustness.

Sticker Collection – Can’t get enough of our stickers? We’ve figured that out and have cramped in our classic and also most recent designs on an A4 sized frame. Available in both chrome and flat black, your personal gadgets and belongings will never be deprived from attention ever again.



  1. erm.. may i know where can i get this stuff other than the Super GT.. i cant seem to make it there by end of dis week..

  2. going there today but hasnt intention to buy this..just YET. the turbomb looks cool. Penagites there…wana kirim from me? huhuh

  3. hi all,

    Thank you for the interest in the new Bombegg and Turbomb Shirts. They’ve received such overwhelming response last afternoon at the Super GT that they’ve been sold out. Temporarily.

    They will soon be available for sale online and will also come in different colours!

  4. Tom,
    Since not every car enthusiast able to attend the recent GT in Sepang, guess many of us still want to get the merchandise from zerotohundred. It will be great if we can purchase online.

  5. hello guys, we’ll rush them out as fast as we can. thank you for the support! They will be available online for sure.

  6. Hi,

    for those who are reading this now, please be informed, that if you’re in the One Utama Area, please proceed to the the ground floor of the new wing and head to where the Electronic Sports World Cup 2008 Malaysia

    your other landmark would be the Mitsubishi Roadshow. head to the nearest sliding glass doors and spot & Motorsports Playground right outside the lobby.

    There will be Fanyards and very limited Turbomb and Bombegg shirts for sale.

    Please be informed that they’ll be there till sunday 06 July 2008

    Good luck!

  7. will there be still sales after the sales held in one utama?or will this be the last of Turbomb and Bombegg??


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