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Worlds Fastest Mini Cooper S

abf_worlds_fastest_mini_002This could be big for the Malaysian drag scene where there are plenty of front-wheel-drive dragsters lurking around waiting to dine on RWD machines. But how would a Mini Cooper S go down with fans of drag racing? Not very well I feel but that’s before the guys from ABF Performance get their hands on one, and as a result of their meddling, their Cooper S is now capable of demolishing the quarter mile in 10.48 seconds which also officially crowns it the fastest Mini in the world.


ABF Performance achieves such extreme levels of performance on a little more than just weight reduction, slick tyres and massive turbochargers and intercoolers. Rated at 650hp, the Cooper S blasts past the speed camera at 216km/h when running the quarter mile. The car weighs in at a feather like 795kg and puts on a killer show as the video below demonstrates.


The engine bay features a monstrous snail or what is otherwise known as a turbocharger which is kept cool by a equally monstrous intercooler. With these gadgets in place, the engine bay doesn’t even have place for a finger, this needed much technical expertise and skill and it is exactly that that quadruples the car’s base output of a puny 172hp.


Speaking with MotorAuthority, Broadus Anderson of ABF Performance also revealed that more will be in the works from the company, including road race cars and some goodies for the SEMA show this November intended for streetable Minis. The road race cars will be available in turn-key format and for a Club Racing series throughout the U.S., so Mini performance fans, keep your eyes peeled for more from ABF. Someone should go introduce Malaysia to them and invite them to the next Sepang Drag Battle, that would be interesting.



Source: Motor Authority

  • S
  • Aug 20, 2008
fasssstttttt!!!! err...but sorry Mini is not my kinda ride..:D
  • K
  • Aug 20, 2008
wish a drag kelisa is as fast as that....
  • R
  • Aug 21, 2008
not bad for a mini..
but 10.4 is a bit slow isn't it?.. i've seen faster car at sepang..
or am i wrong?
  • N
  • Aug 21, 2008
10.4 slow? The next car was a Dodge Dart with a V8!! The second car looks like a Charger. And its popping up the front wheels! Aren't you intimidated by cars with such big torque and hp? In fact all are 10 second cars. The mini IS a 10 second car.

The statement sound like degrading and looking down on the mini. You have seen faster cars in Sepang. So what was the faster car in sepang? A Skyline?

Mind you a full drag civic that can hit 10 seconds is already very good. Funny car series drag civics gives out less than 9 seconds.

We don't know the mini engine is stroked to what capacity. And we don't know the boost level that thing puts out. And it might be able to go faster.