gtr-103Can you believe this?!

Apparently a crew member of Top Gear allegedly rear-ended Japan’s Godzilla in an Audi R8! All this happened during the shooting of a TopGear series on the Isle of Man. No one has confirmed if the cars were driven by any of the TopGear hosts.


The locals have reported to witness the TopGear team shooting on the Isle of Man with a fleet of performance cars which include the Audi R8, Aston Martin DBS, GTR, Audi RS6 and the latest Porsche 997 GT2.

The same GT-R was repaired in record time to make its official appearance at a local UK event the very next day. No picture of the crashed R8 is available, YET.


By the look of the picture and the amount of repair works that need to be done, someone has to REALLY come up with a damn good explanation to the management of BBC.


  1. If you have been reading their magazines 3 months ago you see Top gear staff doesn’t like the GTR very much. But they adore the R8. Just because Jeremy has one? hahaha. Now after this, i would like to know, if they simply used the pun R8 kicked GTR’s ass! Or probabaly it says R8 doens’t have better brakes than the GTR. hahaha

    Whatever the case, who cares Top Gear crashes supercars. They can afford to. And those little skits they put up potraying them living in motor homes is far fetched. In real life Jeremy lives around superstars in some high profile area like Bukit Antarabangsa. And Richard Hammond owns 1 of only 20 Morgan Aero 8! Look up Top Gear July.

    They also have videos of them testing car while drinking alchohol. You think the brit police doesn;t come after them? They can pay the fine!

    Believe me, they can afford whatever cars they crash.

  2. waihung on July 23rd, 2008 8:37 pm
    performance cars? what is the mini cooper doing there?

    kehkehkeh…ur rite… get rid of that cooper. and rs6 too, please.

  3. mini cooper s also performance car what…..also rs6 is a V8 or v10…something like that… funny dun see any lotus in there…=)


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