There’s one thing that bonds all of us, cars, nice cars, fast cars, supercars, we all love some aspect of the car. If you ever meet someone that claims to not like cars, call his bluff because there is bound to be one car that captivates him, be it a Zonda, Phantom, Enzo or a PT Cruiser. What went down at Sepang this past Sunday is stuff dreams are made out of, a number of highly desirable, wallpaper supercars were there and they were there for a good cause.

The event, called Supercars for Charity was a gathering of the supercar masses to give out rides to those looking to aid the flood victims and to those aspiring to own one, the rides came at a fair price especially considering the experience of riding in a supercar on a world class circuit is rather one-off.

Organised by the Porsche Club Malaysia, Ferrari Owners Club and Lamborghini Owners Club, the cars fell into different classes, Class 1: Porsche 993,996,997, Ferrari 355,360, Aston DB7, Lotus V8, BMW M6, Mercedes SL AMG, and you would have to pay RM300/Pax for 3 laps. Class 2 (RM500) and 3 (RM1,000) were where the monsters were, Lamborghini Gallardo & Murcielago LP640, Aston DB9, Porsche Turbo 996, 997, GT2, GT3, Gemballa Avalanche GT650, Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, and the 430, mouthwatering? But the list does not end there, some true exotics graced the show as well, supercar royalty like the Ford GT40, Porsche Carrera GT, Lamborghini Countach as well as the legendary Diablo were also on display, sadly the Enzo and the 599 failed to make an appearance.

Now there’s one other thing participants of the event did besides indulge in their passion for cars, they helped to aid the thousands displaced from their homes by paying for a ride in one of the supercars. Datuk Ali Abdul Kadir, President of Porsche Club Malaysia and also a trustee for Force of Nature commented, PCM is no stranger when it comes to humanitarian causes, but to have a great response from the public such as this is totally rewarding. All the hard work and energy spent for the event was absolutely worth it. He also went on to add that 100 percent of the proceeds would be channeled to the flood victims through the Force Of Nature Foundation.

A total of RM195,000 was raised by the event; corporate sponsorships from four main sponsors (RHB Bank, Hektar Reit, Bolton Berhad and SP Setia) as well as Canon (Photography Service) helped raise RM150,000. The other RM45, 000 was raised from individual donations.

With only one thing in their minds, that is to lend a hand in hope to ease the burden of the recent flood victims, Porsche Club Malaysia together with Ferrari Owners Club and Lamborghini Owners Club came up with the idea for this fundraiser. Such a noble act should be used as an example by other motor fans and enthusiasts, we can always put our passion into good use and help make our world a better place to live in. A great event, one worthy of a repeat and deserves a commendation, we from zerotohundred salute the cause. Enjoy the pictures.