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Super GT Street Demo At Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

ag_66117_600With the Super GT craze hitting the streets of KL it’s hard to go around without being struck by something about the Super GT race that’s happening this weekend. The internet, television, radio, newspaper, GT girls, the promotion seems endless, and the latest and perhaps the most extreme point of promotion took place over the past weekend on the grounds of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. It featured Team Xanavi Nismo, their champion driver, Michale Krum and the GT500 championship winning race car, the Nissan Skyline R34 GTR.


The demo included Krumm getting into the car and giving it a good runaround in a cruelly tight space that doesn’t allow second to third shifts but nonetheless it was a spectacular sight to see the 2001, 2003 championship winning machine in all its splendor and glory, and it sounds like it’s going to blow up at anytime, taking people, buildings and the ground it stands on with it.


The Super GT promo tour makes a reappearance at Sunway Pyramid with their mobile roadshow truck together with other supporting events like the GT car lookalike search and of course, their GT babes, don’t know what Super GT is about? Visit the roadshow at Sunway Pyramid and be enlightened, see you this weekend.


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  • Jun 20, 2008
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  • Jun 25, 2008
Hmm... cool drifting. Your lucky to see this machine go. I hope they visit our mall soon. then I can write a blog too. and you can check it out at <a href="http://autopartsfast.ebloggy.com/" rel="nofollow">The Car Bulletin</a>
Very cool stuff.