Subaru STi Spec C To Be Unveiled Soon


Why we will never get Japanese rockets as soon as they are launched remains a mystery. Hardly has anyone set eyes on the new base model let alone the STi, Subaru is already prepping up to introduce the Spec C.

Instead of doing what makes the most sense, that is to increase horsepower and torque, Subaru has found that less is more by reducing overall curb weight by around 70kg to leave the car weighing in at 1,400kg. This was achieved by implementing among other things, a aluminium boot, lighter roof, thinner glass, a smaller fuel tank and a compact 12v battery. Now we all know that Subaru’s have enormous thirst, so the midget tank might just prove to be a shortcoming on its part.

If you’re thinking why didn’t Subaru go all the way with the STi well get this, Subaru is hedging a little bit of performance on the adult side of things, and are looking to improve the Legacy’s power to better match an M3 sedan and Merc’s C63 AMG as well as its arch rival, the saloon Evo X. Apparently the car is to be badged S402 and will feature the same engine as the Impreza STi as well as a new 6-speed gearbox, stiffer suspension and a racier interior.

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  • May 6, 2008
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