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SEMA Preview: Mercedes GLK – Chopped & Tuned

01_m-b_glk_sema_previewMercedes-Benz’ presence at SEMA has traditionally included a smattering of pimptastic E- and S-Classes lining the booths of the Big Balla tuners, and this year, we can expect more of the same. But to get the word out about the new GLK, Mercedes enlisted the help of four firms to accentuate the lil’ ‘ute’s character and clientele.


Just as odd, if slightly less ridiculous, is the Four Corners Rock Crawler created by Legendary Motor Cars. The GLK gets a handful of off-road upgrades to make treks to the beach a breeze, but the party-piece is a winch that can bring skateboarders up to speed, allowing them to grind down the integrated side rails.


Any assembly of M-Bs wouldn’t be complete without a Brabus-massaged model, so the Widestar was born. Based off a GLK equipped with a reworked 320 BlueTEC V6 turbodiesel, the Widestar’s extra grunt is complimented by new front and rear arch flares, redesigned bumpers, Brabus wheels and a custom interior.


Finally, there’s the RENNTech Rally Racer, inspired by the unlimited-class rally cars that attack Pikes Peak during the annual Hillclimb. Aside from the Cessna-sized wing and aggressive body kit, the only thing we know about the RENNTech is that it features a hybrid powertrain that supposed to make quick work of the corners.

SEMA starts in a few days, we’ll have more information on this and others then.

  • N
  • Nov 3, 2008
The first one looks like a toy car, or is it the pope mobile? hahaha. The second one is quite silly. I think even james bond would reject such thing. Ok maybe rich skateboarders will dig it. Brabus with its usual pretty stuff. And finally a pikes peak Merc SUV? Hmmm..... I always thought they would use a smaller body with wide drivetrain. But this one i think it will drop off the cliff after a few rounds.
  • H
    Edward Chew
  • Nov 3, 2008
Wtf... inspired by that Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak....

It is funny merz wanna pimp like that...