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Officially Official: BMW Concept X1 (Live Shots From Paris Added)

00_bmwconceptx1-zthAre u one of those people that think of buying an X5 but find  it too big? Not sure what to make of the X3? Don’t mind ugliness as long as the blue and white rotor graces the hood? Then this is the car for you. The Concept X1 is a lightly veiled version of the production soft utility vehicle and will be in BMW dealers shortly to satisfy our craving for uglier than ugly SUVs.


How it’s different than the X3 in terms of usability and purpose we don’t exactly know but we do know it is slighter smaller in dimension and shares powertrains with the X3. Style wise, if you ignore anything forward of the A-pillar, you’ll be fine. What exactly happened up-front we really don’t know and if you keep staring at it, you really wouldn’t want to know. From the visage that’s evocative of the 7-series to the oddly shaped wheel arches, it just doesn’t come together, and the way the proboscis sticks out when viewing the X1’s profile borders on disturbing. – AutoBlog


The interesting part of the entire thing is that no matter how horrendously ugly the X1 turns out to be, people will still be falling all over themselves to but it.


Click here for the official press release from BMW

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BMW X1 Concept Live Shots From Paris – Courtesy Of AutoBlog


Source: AutoBlog

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  • Oct 3, 2008
Look at the front!!!!! Its a blardy PIG's nose!!!!!