Official: Audi A1 SportBack Concept Revealed (Updated Shots Live From Paris)

2008_audi_a1_sportback_four_door_concept_001-1001-950x673Audi today officially unveiled its second model to carry the A1 badge at the Paris Motor Show. Last year, Audi unveiled its first A1 concept the Metroproject Quattro Hybrid Concept and like the original, this year’s A1 Sportback also features a hybrid drivetrain.



Both the A1 concept models share common design features but the Sportback is distinguished by its five-door sloping rear hatch design, a longer wheelbase, a new grille and unique bumpers. The Sportback is also powered by the same 1.4-liter TFSI engine as the Metroproject and is mated to a S-tronic seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.


The 150hp petrol engine gets its hybrid assistance from a 27hp electric motor capable of powering the A1 on its own for short distances and will assist the internal combustion of the engine during high loads. The lithium-ion battery powered electric motor adds an additional 110lb-ft of torque to the engine’s torque output. The Audi hybrid can be charged from any standard power outlet, that basically means you can plug it into any power outlet at home and when fully charged the car has an electric-only range of 100km at a speed of 100km/h.


Contrary to popular belief that hybrids are fuel efficient and not performance oriented, the Audi A1 is capable of a 7.9 second 0-100 sprint but fuel consumption is still important and sits at around 3.9-liter/100km. The hybrid system truly comes into play in reducing the vehicle’s carbon-emission rating and is currently rated at a lowly 92g/km. A environmentally conscious sports-hatch indeed, the A1 also features a engine stop/start feature like the one in the Honda Civic Hybrid to further reduce fuel consumption.


Audi proves environmentally friendly doesn’t mean boring with its Drive Select System that enables the driver to choose between sporty or efficient driving modes. Each mode individualizes throttle and gear-shifting response time to suit the driving style associated with each mode. A dynamically adjustable magnetic ride suspension system that was co-opted from the Audi R8 and TT also makes it to the A1 , ensuring the car is able to take on whatever the driver or road can throw at it.


The aerodynamics and low profile enhance efficiency and speed while 18-inch wheels and large four-wheel disc brakes keep everything under control.


Click here for the official press release from Audi


Audi A1 SportBack Live Shots Gallery – Courtesy of AutoBlog

  • P
  • Oct 2, 2008
  • N
  • Oct 2, 2008
OMG .... not another Evo X
  • A
  • Oct 2, 2008
the eye lids are very BMW like .........nonetheless it looks nice though =p
  • S
  • Oct 2, 2008
evo x ? did i heard it wrong ? i suppose evo x front copied audi's.
eyelids of the headlamp r juz too cool. drools.
  • N
  • Oct 3, 2008
The headlamps remind me of Toyotas concept cars. Where there is one car that senses the drivers moods and changes its interior color. Red Angry, blue cool, blah blah. Now if on the road with headlamps like that.... hehehe.

Cannot make comparions between the EVO X and this concept. In fact all gaping nose shaped cars seem to have started from Audi. If you want to start from Japanese car, it has to be the Subaru. The one before the current 4 door hatch one. Look at the nose. Its not big, but the shape if there. Next would be the Current GTR, then the EVO X.

What Audi did was just enhancing the Novulari nose. If you want copy, BMW was the first to offfer halo bordered headlights with the 5 series. Now Audi enhanced it with the current headlamp stripes. I forgot what Audi calls it.

But this car looks truncated. The rear lamps look like it came from a M3. side profile looks like a 1 series. Interesting is the picture of the propeller. Are those the air cond vents? Or they assist in cooling something?
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    Crazy Biscut
  • Oct 4, 2008
Another car thats just gonna be 2 expensive here....*SIGH*