sylphy01_hiWhoever said that the world is going through a global recession should take a look at the Malaysian auto industry, this year itself there were nearly a dozen launches, and we’re just getting past the halfway mark. Even the escalating petrol prices hasn’t stopped people from buying new cars nevermind a global recession. But the people are not to blame, the auto makers are, they keep producing gorgeous, desirable products and now with the added feature of superbly low fuel consumption, what are auto buyers supposed to do but to submit?


Cars like the Nissan Sylphy up the ante in the local industry with its beautiful and elegant design that just happened to be the winner of last year’s Japan Good Design Award, to its eco and pocket friendly 16km/liter fuel consumption and not to mention that it also happens to be Nissan’s best selling model in 10 different markets since its launch in Japan.


“With the introduction of the all new Sylphy, customers looking to shift to the mid size sedan segment will be able to enjoy superb engine performance from the most fuel efficient 2.0 litre executive sedan available in Malaysia. Combined with an offering of above-class spacious interior and intelligent functions, the new Sylphy will be able to fulfil a luxuriously elegant car experience for this segment of customers.” said Dato’ Tan Heng Chew, Chairman of Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd.


Nissan hails the Sylphy as a luxury medium sized executive 2 liter sedan that embodies Nissan’s Modern Living concept, a modern expression of premium interior quality that is characterised by fine interior appointments, refined comfort and exceptional drivability.



It is no wonder that its a best seller, what with its luxurious and modern design, its hard not to be. Even the interior boasts a design theme of its own. Called the S-motion, the elegant S shaped dashboard serves both driver and passenger with functionality and openness. Taut surfaces draw the graceful curves into a lyrical body shape. Even the clamshell seats carry the sleek curves of the design, while dressed in high-quality, scratch-proof ‘Masumi’ seat material.


The Sylphy is powered by an all-aluminium MR20DE engine that is tuned to satisfy everyday driving needs with ample low-end torque that extends linearly through the mid to high-speed range, where 90% torque is made available from 2,000rpm, maximising this engine’s “fun to drive” ability. Power is laid down via Nissan’s 3rd Generation Xtronic CVT (Continous Variable Transmission), providing smooth and seamless ratio changes that also maintains optimum torque whenever power is needed.


The all new Nissan Sylphy is assembled at Tan Chong Motor’s Serendah plant utilising the Nissan Production Way (NPW), Nissan’s international standard for global quality manufacturing and assembly. It is offered with a 2.0 litre engine (Xtronic-CVT only) with 6 elegant colour options. On-the-road prices (inclusive of insurance, road tax, registration fee and ownership claim fee) valid for Peninsular Malaysia will be as follows:

Nissan Sylphy 2.0 : (Comfort Package) – RM112,800 ; (Luxury Package) – RM116,800

The Luxury package upgrades the seats and panels to combination leather and adds on a 6-CD changer with MP3 support, and full V-Kool tinting.

The Sylphy comes with a 3-year or 100,000 km (whichever comes first) warranty.


  1. Its a women’s car , Nissan in Japan made this for the female market … Well unless they put in the black interior , less wood trim , take out the “ULTRA” big compartment that suppose for the ladies to put their hand bags , Sporty look steering … It will be gorgeous for the males too 🙂

  2. i’ve seen the car the day it was launched…didnt really like the design thou…maybe i’m too young to appreciate the design cues that it carries…ahaha…design looks too soft for me…let’s see how well it does here in boleh land…but 1 thing that we really have to appreciate is the 16km/litre fc by a 2litre engine…technology really does help to improve power yet maintaining the fc…must save money to buy new car…=)

  3. I believe Nissan will capture more market share with this Sylphy. For me as a future customer, i can imagine this car is parked in my car porch..really love large boot in Sylphy..good for me!

  4. True… It does not look fast, sporty or built for the young at heart…

    I see it was built for matured/intelligent/relaxed/sedated driver who appreciate the smooth drive and the comfort & convenience it offers..

  5. fell in love the first time i saw the car @ Tan Chong showroom..
    a week later make a booking…after a week (last monday) I receive the car..
    good price,comfort,drive very smooth…thank u nissan.

  6. Those who thought the Sylphy would offer a sedate perforamance based on the “soft” looks will be surprised to be get behind the wheels. The acceleration is the most impressive in this class and is comparable to Mitsubishi Lancer GT and Honda Civic 2.0.

  7. Really enjoyed it for my first auto car.

    I tried the first day from Kuala lipis to Cameron highland through gua musang kelantan and back to melaka through tapah perak.

    worth for money. some said like merce when they saw it. some said that better than camry.

    but i said that very powerfull and very good cornering and really love it.


  8. Goth my Sylphy 2.0 on Sept 9th. Nice handling and smooth. Uphill cant feel the gear drop.
    FC RM83 = 580km that eaquales to 14.3sen/L for a 2.0 Sedan(city ride and one journey to and back from Butterworth to Taiping)
    No regrets buying this fine piece of engineering.
    Recommend using Esso/Mobil.

  9. Can’t till tomorrow. Trade in with my Latio Sport Impul body kit after 3 years with it.. Time to change because going to 40 next year..


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