perodua-myvi-se-1The new updated Perodua Myvi SE has just been launched today. The Myvi SE is essentially an accessory-laden Myvi right out of the factory that caters to your need to be different, so there’s no need for you to fork out more cash just to be different after already committing yourself to a loan that will probably stick with you for the next five-years, Perodua has willingly taken that headache for you.


The Myvi SE gets a host of accessories that include redesigned and sportier front and rear bumpers as well as a sports spoiler and of course, 14″ alloy wheels that complete the new Myvi’s aggressive look. The rear bumper catches up on the current automotive ‘fashion’ of designing a bumper that looks as if there’s a functional diffuser to keep things under control as you blast out of corners, but sadly, it’s only function is to help with the aesthetics. Other aesthetic upgrades include, clear tail-lamps and blacked-out headlamps.


The upgrades also work their way into the interior where leather seats greet you as you prepare to get in. The radio has also been upgraded and the head unit is no longer integrated but is a 2-DIN type and comes standard with CD, MP3, and WMA playing capabilities. There’s also a port for your USB or iPod as well as Bluetooth capabilities. The instrument panel retains the three-gauge design but now glows amber rather than the blue and white found in the facelifted Myvi.


The enhancements that the Myvi SE carries are basically aesthetic. It still runs on the same 1.3-liter unit producing 86 ponies at 6,000rpm and 116Nm of torque at 3,200rpm and to keep the ponies under control, Perodua has entrusted the same set-up of steel discs up front and drum brakes at the back.


There is one unique factor in the new Myvi SE and that is the inclusion of a new colour – Tangerine Orange, added to the SE colour line-up of Ivory White, Ebony Black, Glittering Silver or Pearl White, the latter is considered a “special metallic” colour and costs more than your “not-so special” metallic colours. That’s the new Perodua Myvi SE for you. For more information, visit




Ebony Black


Tangerine Orange


Pearl White


Glittering Silver


Ivory White

Perodua Myvi SE Facelift 1.3 M/T (Solid) RM49,900.00
Perodua Myvi SE Facelift 1.3 M/T (Metallic) RM50,400.00
Perodua Myvi SE Facelift 1.3 M/T (Special Metallic) RM50,800.00
Perodua Myvi SE Facelift 1.3 A/T (Solid) RM52,900.00
Perodua Myvi SE Facelift 1.3 A/T (Metallic) RM53,400.00
Perodua Myvi SE Facelift 1.3 A/T (Special Metallic) RM53,800.00


  1. Myvi was a good buy since its launch. But now it seems overpriced. The SE is also no different. Its just too premium with the current interest rate now.

  2. wat r the upgrades? besides the new bodykit and rear lamp there is no speciality on this car… just change the head unit and wrap new seat consider facelift? funny buruk dua

  3. dunno wat to say.. firstly, really overpriced for a NATIONAL CAR…. Second, it’s juz a myvi with extra thick MAKE-UP….. Come on la, Perodua…. from the profits of roaring sales of Myvi. It’s time to invest in REAL R&D, intead of copying from other makes……

  4. p2 now trying to suck malaysian blood as ‘potong’ doing very bad last time… u see u see, p2 N’utica is a good example… rm90k for a 1500cc local made car?

  5. Avanzato X4: Nautica is fully import from Japan, only the bumpers and some minor stuff assemble here, that’s why the price is higher than Toyota’s Rush coz Rush is brought in from Taiwan. Somemore, Nautica is 4wd compared to Rush which is only 2wd.
    But in this MyVi’s case, Perodua is really pushing the price up already. If those who are smart enough to calculate, it’s really not worth it for RM50K. But some certain people of course, they will attracted by the design and plus certain sales-person’s skill, they will purchase it ‘blindly’. hahaha…
    Anyway, I will also cross my fingers in hope that Perodua will find it hard to sell at that high price and will eventually offer discount. 😛

  6. The New SE is a dissapointment… Bad finish and bad workmanship to the interior and under carriage coating….

  7. Ah.. now this Myvi looks better than the old one, at least not look so “fat” like the previous one and do not have the “elephant smiling face” anymore on the front… really a sad news for the old Myvi owner…

  8. epizootic…
    which better car do you think can be bought with the price of new myvi SE…??
    please comment…

  9. only 1.3cc selling more than rm50k is too expensive,persona 1.6cc less than rm50k,saga 1.3cc less than rm40k.perodua need to reconsider the price…………

  10. myvi is beautiful car. .no need more speed for myvi. .1.3 enough. .but. . . .expensive price for metallic paint. .thank perodua cause born new myvi special edition. .its beautiful car………………..


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