The safety cars that stand guard at every Formula 1 Grand Prix always caught special attention amongst enthusiast. I cant quite figure why but I’m guessing the appeal lies in how it manages to look better than the road going version. That or the fact that it can’t be overtaken by F1 cars that are 5 times faster just because it is illegal to do so. Hah! Well the Mercedes CLK AMG safety car that so effectively rocked my world is about to be replaced. I’m not sad; all good things must come to an end, I can accept that because the CLK AMG is going to be replaced with something that sounds like it needs a safety car of its own.

The modified SL63 AMG that replaces the CLK AMG features 525-horses and sports a modified front fascia that allows for extra cooling requirements, composite brakes, carbon fiber body panels, as well as a redesigned rear diffuser insert. Open top cruising, something the SL is so well known for and in many aspects is specifically built for but because Kimi, Lewis and the rest of the drivers are the only ones that will be cruising with their top down out on the circuit, the SLs roof stays, permanently. The entire top mechanism has been removed among other weight reduction measures and has lead the SL AMG to be 220 kilos lighter than the road going version. And that includes the emergency lighting, communications gear, and other Safety Car-specific mods into account.

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG F1 Medical Car

The Safety Car will be joined by the 457-horsepower C63 AMG Estate Medical Car. Carrying a team of four and a full suite of emergency equipment, it shadows the competitors on Lap 1 of each race (widely regarded as the most eventful lap) and is intended to be the first vehicle on scene in the event of an accident. The C63 AMG Medical Car wears a revised front fascia and rear diffuser, both of which enhance cooling needs, just as the SL63 AMG. It also uses the AMG Performance Braking System, with composite brakes to provide maximum stopping power.