90kmhLocal newspaper, The Star reported in its website that the national speed limit on federal and state roads will be reduced by 10km/h from this Thursday till October 12 2008.

Transport Ministry secretary-general Datuk Zakaria Bahari said this move was to reduce the number of accidents on these roads during the festive period.

Currently, the maximum speed limit on federal and state roads is between 60 and 90kph.

He said heavy vehicles were also not allowed to be on those roads this weekend and between Oct 4 and 5.

Zakaria said the authorities would also issue compounds at the maximum rate of RM300 for all serious traffic offences.

So remember fellow ZTH’ians, drive safe during the festive period. Keep your turbo’s from spooling, your Vtec’s below 5,000rpm or whatever it is that makes your car go fast, keep it cool, and your tempers as well. We all want to visit our families and friends and come back in one piece, remember that you’re not alone on the road.

Have a great holiday and Selamat Hari Raya to all Malaysians – from Zerotohundred.com.