lexus_ls_460_malaysiaLexus Malaysia recently expanded its line up by unveiling an additional variant, the LS460. The new luxury saloon/limo upholds the exterior and interior styling, versatility, utility, comfort, performance, security, safety and quality of its flagship model, the LS460L.

The LS460 is specially intended to cater to customers that want personal enjoyment and more involvement in the self-driving experience. Compared to the LS460L, which was designed to be chauffeur driven, the LS460 allows five individuals to travel in utmost comfort and luxury.


The LS460 features the same engine as the LS460L, a 4.6 liter, V8 petrol engine that produces 380bhp/280kW and 493Nm of torque. This advanced V8 engine features the world’s first electric motor driven Variable Valve Timing with intelligent and electronically controlled intake cam (VVT-iE). The dual VVT-i combination of electrically controlled intake and hydraulically controlled exhaust achieves superior engine start up as well as high output performance.


The LS460 has a similar design to the LS460L and similarly uses the L-Finesse design principles to present an image of dignity and quality as well as mastered creativity. The design conveys the sense of leading edge engineering and sophisticated technology with unparalleled refinement and an extraordinary simplicity of function.


Inside, soft passenger touch points in the luxurious and spacious cabin creates a relaxed atmosphere, with additional stitching on the high-quality leather for a rich look. Even the angles on the centre console were optimized to enhance comfort for the driver and front passenger. Tasteful wood grain and smooth leather finishing as well as refinements to the interior lighting creates a rich, classy ambiance.


Unlike the LS460L, which has seating for two in the rear, the LS460 can accommodate three persons comfortably. The 40:20:40 seat has power adjustment and the two outer seats provide a feel and fit comparable to the front passenger seat.

The Lexus LS460 is available for viewing at the Lexus Center in Mutiara Damansara and its on the road price is as follows:

Lexus LS460L
Selling Price: RM767,692.00
Registration Fee: RM300.00
Road Tax (1 year): RM9,166.00
Puspakom Inspection Fee: RM40.00
Ownership Endorsement Fee: RM50.00
Insurance Premium (12months): RM20,335.50
OTR Price With Insurance: RM797,583.50

Lexus LS460
Selling Price: RM636,682.00
Registration Fee: RM300.00
Road Tax (1 year): RM9,166.00
Puspakom Inspection Fee: RM50.00
Ownership Endorsement Fee: RM50.00
Insurance Premium (12months): RM16,929.50
OTR Price With Insurance: RM663,177.50

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