dsc_2222_600It’s good to see how motorsports is developing in Malaysia, people are finally making an effort to get off the streets and onto tracks. While the Sepang International Circuit may be a little far and even expensive for some people, the Dato Sagor track located in Kampung Gajah, Perak is definitely not pricey if that is a concern.


We were invited to the ‘country-side’ track by Mr Goh. Apparently most of the participants from that day came from the Northern region. There was quite a good turnout on the day, with various cars trying out the track, ranging from KEs to DC5 Integra.


It brings together different types of motorsport fans; drifters, dragsters, go-fasters and bikers. It’s a tiny track whose length doesn’t even match that of Sepang’s north or south track and let’s not even get to its condition but nevertheless, its a great track for motorsport fans to go out and further hone their driving or riding skills, it’s much better than doing it on the road though the roads leading to Kampung Gajah are a drivers dream.


And the fact that there is a kampung style hotel situated on the opposite bank of the track just makes it even better for out of towners to make a ‘driving’ holiday to a kampung destination, almost completely cut off from the rest of the world, allowing the complete fusion of man, machine and nature. imagine waking up and right away getting on track and starting your day with a healthy dosage of speed, the ultimate motorsport breakfast.


The previously go-cart track is definitely a good fun especially for drift cars and medium powered machines capable of lap times of around 1 minute. It could also serve as an alternative to the overbooked SIC especially if you are booking the track for a group of 20-30 cars. The hotel across the Pahang river is also fairly good if you are looking for a weekend breakaway and is a perfect crashing place if you plan to try out the Kampung Gajah track.