dsc_8421It’s here for a greater good really, not only does it take high speed driving off the streets, HPC gives enthusiast a chance to learn how to drive fast. You see, we always believe in the fact that anyone can drive fast car, but only a few can drive a car fast and this is where HPC comes in. For a couple of hundred bucks, you’re taught how to correctly drive fast, everything from braking point, to apex entry and exit points are discussed as instructors take you out for a drive in your own car. The first couple of laps, they demonstrate, then its a practical examination of what you’ve just been though and if you display a lack of knowledge, they don’t cane you, you just have to live with the fact that you suck as a driver.


Participants are divided into two separate groups, the morning group and the afternoon group both of which have their ups and downs. Morning drives are always fun especially in Sepang as the sun is not fully out yet but you have to deal with the rising temperature and a large number of people that show up for morning drives. Afternoon drives features a lesser crowd which is a good thing and the temperature is steadily hot now but chances are your track time will be rained on, so both sessions have their ups and downs, we stayed for both sessions, and my personal recommendation would be the afternoon session, lesser cars = more fun. Other than the morning/afternoon separation, participants are further broken up into groups based on skills and experience. So even if you are a beginners beginner, there’s is room for you to test your skills and your vehicles capabilities in an extreme but controlled environment.


This years event utilized the south circuit of the Sepang International Circuit (shown below) and is a relatively short track but with enough of left and right handers with banks and sweepers to bring out the Schumi in you. The straight saw all the high speed drama but it was in the twisties where tire wear and inexperience really took their toll with drivers spinning out into the direction of oncoming cars, understeering into the gravel, and oversteering into a spin. There was plenty to look out for especially with the amount of track worthy road cars (or is it the other way around?) and Team Malaysia A1GP driver Alex Yong having his share of fun carving up the circuit in a Lotus Exige. Words can only describe so much about an event and pictures can just help you imagine what it was like, being there, now that’s an entirely different story and experience beyond what you can imagine no matter what I tell you. So put your car to the test and improve your deteriorating skills, see you at the next HPC event.





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