May not be the most beautiful, but this is definitely the most radical Ferrari’s I have ever seen. Designed by Emre Husmen, a Transportation Design student at IED-Turin, the 699 GTO takes inspiration from Ferrari’s of old including the 250 GTO, 250 TR, P4, the current 599 GTB Fiorano and surprisingly, the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. With the inclusion of almost all the great Ferrari’s except for maybe the F40 and Enzo, the 699 still somehow manages the batmobile stance, but that could just be due to the choice of colour.


Obviously based on 599 GTB Fiorano, it pulls away from the base model by being 200kg’s lighter thanks to its carbon fiber body. It features a environmentally friendly twin-supercharged V8 running on biofuel. And to save all that expensive wheels and body work from clipping the curbs, Husmen has fitted it with hydraulic suspension and rear backup camera to aid the driver in real world situations.


While most art designs featuring radical supercars remain only that, designs, the 699 GTO actually may see the light of day. Husmen claims that he has been in touch with people capable of building the 699 GTO and together they have been considering putting the car into production but they want feedback on the car first. So, leave your comments and suggestions for them.