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Heffner Lamborghini Gallardo – 930hp At The Wheels!

heffner_gallardo_930_main510As if the high revving 5-liter V10 Gallardo isn’t fast enough, Florida based tuner Heffner Performance is raising the performance bar once again with its twin-turbo package that boosts power to an insane 930hp at the wheels!!


It’s not known if the Gallardo’s standard AWD system will be retained to put all that power down to the tarmac as previous Heffner modded Lambo’s are known to be rear driven. But even if the AWD system is retained, 930hp would be quite a handful to keep under control. Peak torque is rated at a massive 1032Nm or 762lb-ft but to keep everything under control, a two stage boost controller limits boost in first and second gear to more manageable limits.


The modifications the Gallardo is subjected to is predictably extensive. The V10 engine is removed and pulled apart, standard engine components are removed and in return Heffner installs steel cylinder liners, new forged pistons, polished crankshaft journals, new bearings, a twin-turbo system with custom exhausts and intake systems, twin wastegates and blow-off valves. The list continues with a 1000hp rated Carrillo Billet Steel connecting rods, a twin-stage electronic boost controller and a heavy duty clutch.


930hp generates a lot of heat so to manage that and keep everything running smoothly Heffner installed uprated fuel and water pumps, fuel injectors and a water cooled intercooler system. Aesthetics are limited to a carbon-fiber rear decklid and a Superleggera-style rear diffuser and spoiler.


Someone from the American automotive media should put this Heffner Gallardo against the Superleggera and the LP560-4 and then maybe LP640. How about the Enzo? Or it could just give the Veyron a run for its money.



Video Of a "tamer" 850hp Heffner Gallardo

  • T
  • Aug 7, 2008
not a fan of bull... but not bad not bad at all for a road car...
  • J
  • Aug 7, 2008
sweet sounding bull =)
  • S
  • Aug 7, 2008
damn cool~!! but y he don dare to go for 5th & 6th gear... ??

should rev all the way~~~ XD
  • D
  • Aug 8, 2008
lolxxx crazy........ still wan pull 5th and 6th gear mer? lolxxx tat half pulled 4th gear oso reach 130++ mph dy...!~
  • P
  • Aug 8, 2008
mind boggling.....
  • N
  • Aug 8, 2008
Heffner...... heffner..... now, where have i heard that name before.......?

Oh yeah!

Hugh Heffner!! He is the guy who owns Playboy magazine!
  • T
  • Aug 10, 2008
is it really Hugh Heffner's company? haha..mind boggling