BMWs SuperBike Emerges: The BMW S 1000RR

Let the speculation end! BMW has officially pulled the covers off of its S 1000 RR race bike, which will sprout a production model next year. General Director of BMW Motorrad Hendrik von Kuenheim says that the company is committed to building 1,000 units of the new model next year. Featuring a 1000cc inline-four transversely mounted between the frame rails and an upside-down front fork, the RR is rather conventional by BMW standards. This has allowed the Motorrad to keep the bike as compact as possible, which can be attested to by the fact that it has been spotted lapping tracks in Yamaha R6 bodywork. So far, no specifications have been given regarding power levels, but we fully expect it to be competitive with the Superbike front-runners. Traction control is also reportedly put to good use. Judging from the extensive use of (bare) carbon fiber, we’d expect the weight to be on par with the competition, as well. There’s an entire speech pasted after the break, so be sure to check it out.

BMW plans to crack the top ten next year in World Superbike racing and is expecting podium finishes the following year. Considering the fact that the Big Four Japanese manufacturers literally have a head start measuring a few decades on BMW, it’s probably wise to set attainable goals for now. Though we’re looking forward to more details regarding the S 1000 RR superbike, at least we have some pretty pictures to gaze at until then.

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  • Apr 23, 2008
Damn ... Wicked mann ....
Best looking bike i have ever seen so far ... Carbon Fibre summore
When the 1 series came out, I didn't enjoy it. Perhaps if it had been closer to what the 2002 was and was (much) lighter, more affordable, and had a very great I4 (turboed or not, I don't care) then I would prefer it better, but whatever. What frustrated me much more was the necessary M type that really should logically be labeled the M1. I thought that it just couldn't be right to compare and contrast the two M1s. Nevertheless, since the 1 series debuted in the US, the M division has created 2 SUVs that don't even come with a manual. The Porsche Cayenne has one, was it that hard? Anyways, times are changing so go on and call it an M1. More suitable to turn out a respectable, or likely outstanding, automobile rather than not make it at all just because a number of fanboys might get harmed.
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