mpt-super-time-attack-2008-r1-20The Murcielago shade of Pearl Orange. Probably one of the most attractive paint concoction of all time. it’s not everyday that you come across people who’d send the new GTR to the paintshop within just weeks of ownership. You’ll stand a better chance at spotting a wrecked GTR than one of these much sought-after beauties.

This orange GTR made one of its first appearance live at the recent Singaporean MPT Super Time Attack in Sepang. Dont pay too much attention to the blue protective film over the headlights.



Attention to detail. Even the wheels are rimmed in orange and the accent continues down to wheel cap!




There’s definitely something going on within the GTR scene. Fancy looking GTRs are surfacing from time to time. Let’s see..

Zele Harrison International’s Orange GTR (Japan):

Donut King’s Hot Pink GTR (Australia):

Flat Black GTR (also from Singapore)


A Phone cam pic contributed by Kris from GTRBlog. He says:

I originally saw a really tiny cell phone pic (attached) of this car a few months ago and spoke to the owner of the original Zele orange GT-R. This Singaporean GT-R was painted orange by the company that imported it. Magna International. Zele knows about it and support it!