’70s Nissan 240Z Project: Saving the Old Lady?


Tony5050, a major performance car nut, once had an Evo4 engine shoehorned into a Hyundai Coupe many years back when people were just starting to buy them. He’s been busy with a different challenge recently.  a 35year old Nissan 240Z which he picked up abandoned by the road -for a price. Not your idea of a Fairlady? With majority of what’s needed sorted, he’s completing the 240Z project really soon. Here are snippets of the Chronicles of Tony’s 240Z.

06-11-2007, 02:36 PM


she is a 240z and she is now 35 years old..
luckily tht the previous owner stripped her off before leaving her beside the street for blardy 8 years.
here are some photos….

so…she got a new boyfren now hey..!


and she suppose to look like this in 3 months time…ta da!!

02-19-2008, 03:23 PM

hi guys,

finally confirm wht shoes she will wear when she first done…this is the front and rear..but problem is one pair with chrome lips the other not..can it polish it or something??..need advice..

front 15″ x 9.5jj offset -25

rear 15″ x 11.5jj offset -44

05-04-2008, 01:32 AM

its been ages and finally the body restoration work is almost fully done. The car is now having its outer surface work, ready for paint next week.

Decided to finish her up as a ZG now though.

Will post more a week or 2 from now with the body colour. Thanks

11-20-2008, 04:09 PM

hi guys,

as promised, these are some photos i took last weekend. Finished wiring and now in acc shop for interior. cheers

For more on this go to his Thread Here:

Project ” Saving the Old Lady “


  1. bro, this project has been done by many people lah bro……. GOoD job!!~ actually this is the best old skool car i’ve even seen….. they put SR20 or supra engine in it……. hahahah….. good job!!~

  2. Wangan Midnight R everybody!!!

    to tony5050, congrats for bringing this old lady back to life…u took a lot of effort and hardworking to made your dreams come true..

    Kudos to you again…

  3. hi guys,

    thanks so much for the supportive words all these while. It has taken just more then 1 year time now. Will post more pics in the forum thread once i have more! cheers.

    Tom and other from ZTH,

    Thanks a million! 🙂

  4. man ….. i respect this friend of mine … LOL …. very happy for you indeed… didn’t realised your car is done .. cant wait to sit in man …. i thought you would have done it to the photo you showed me last time… Grey with CF bonnet 🙂

    but … one last phrase for you …. IT’S BLOODY ACE, MATE !

  5. Respect man, doin like the Americans do with their old Muscle car. I wish i had the money to do this type off thing….

  6. 50K already spent and work still in progress. Thats the price.. huhuhuhu…real motorhead.

    by the way, u always go to BKK, for business or pleasure?

  7. Man… tony i thought you were going Wangan anime colors? But back to basics off the shelf colors. hahaha. BTW, the wheels…. erm…. are you going to do something about the fit?

  8. Nice work mate !!!!! U r a real gentleman who came to rescue a grace 35 years old lady :p …..

  9. good job tony….saving old lady…work with ‘ABI the painter’..<–u do at abi place rite?…everyday i lunch dekat situ i look to u old lady..wallaaaa..cun siot…suddenly when i came again for lunch..the old lady sudah siap n u oledy took back….tony..dia punya bunyi manyak siookkk

  10. hey..where do u stay..u bought the rod from silibin area workshop right…
    im actually from ipoh..do mail me ok or take my number 0165154461
    so we can meet up,im also having a 31year old rod…DATSUN 510

  11. dude,cnt wait 2 see the result.any update yet.ltst pic,any?plzzz..good effort anywy..bring up the mmryz

  12. You did a great job, man. The rims are baddd. So do the 5 pcs G-nose kit. I’m working on my 240z. and just wondering where did you purchase those stuffs from.

  13. hey~ great job there, i wonder how much u spend on it!
    i having a 36yr old datsun210(special ver.)and gonna make him young again~ ^^

  14. congratulation bro,,,u was done a good job.i really proud of u,,,actually,i very like this model…how long u spend time to makeover this car n how many cost?where u get the spare part?I Still looking this car for my great car ever..where u get this car?

  15. i think,u should let the rim’s set with the flat black color…its will look like the original 70’s 240z…i forgot to ask u about the new engine,what engine model u use for ur “old lady”?

  16. hi l own a 240z fairlady here in sabah is in a pretty good original condition , l just wonder where can l get a side view chrone mirrow

  17. wah liow eh… very very nice… 4 thumbs up dude… how much spend on restore cost… sure well worth it.


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