525hp Audi R8 V10 Unveiled Early


Official details and images of the highly anticipated Audi R8 V10 have emerged on the internet ahead of the Detroit Motor Show next month. The V10 powered R8 is the fastest production R8 yet and comes with a 5.2 liter V10 engine producing 525 hp, the same as in the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4.


This power plant has also previously appeared in the R8 LMS GT3 racer and helps the street version complete the century sprint in 3.9 seconds and onto a top speed deep within supercar territory – 315km/h.


Unique to the R8 V10 are the LED headlights for the main and dipped beams, a first for the R8. And daytime running lights. A new rear diffuser creating more down force is also special to this model and twin oval tailpipes tag the rear of the V10, as opposed to the quad chrome exhaust of the V8 version.


The V10 also features magnetic ride dampers and comes with a choice of a six-speed manual or an R tronic semi-automatic gearbox.


On the inside you get a Bang and Olufsen system, which, for the average reader, costs about as much as your current car is worth. There’s a Nappa leather finish too.


The R8 V10 will cost 121,800 pounds in the UK (140,800 euros).


Source: WorldCarFans

  • A
  • Dec 9, 2008
I thought the Gallardo LP560 made more power, 560hp and not 528hp as implied by the above article
  • J
  • Dec 9, 2008
damn i love that cockpit!!
  • L
    lonely driver
  • Dec 9, 2008
so which 1 is correct? just b4 i came here i surf paultan website, there state that the V10 engine in this R8 is not the same as the Lambo Gallardo... it has been detuned to produce less power than it should be

this R8 V10 engine somemore is turbocharged, a V10 turbocharged will go way beyond 528hp...
  • K
  • Dec 9, 2008
Mr.Lonely.. The v10 is naturally aspirated and not turbocharged as you suggested.. The power is even less than 528hp.. I made a mistake.. its around 525hp.. and it is the detuned one from Lamborghini but the same with the R8 LMS GT3 racer.. with some components changed for durability of course.. follow the source for more info..
  • A
  • Dec 9, 2008
In any case, damn it looks good. Really like the complex looking cockpit. I'm a fan of the Gallardo but this Audi really is interesting and for sure cheaper than the Gallardo
  • N
  • Dec 10, 2008
Why would anyone buy a Gallardo when they can have this? But then again branding comes to play. Maybe some guy might swap a Gallardo engine to this. hahaha.
  • R
  • Dec 12, 2008
my friend has an R8 in his hse